Martin Bouygues designates his son as the dolphin

The Bouygues group is setting up a new department. Edward Bouygues is making his debut. Olivier Roussat plays the role of the regent.

Martin Bouygues is not the man to express his feelings. However, this Thursday morning the emotion was palpable, while he was part of the new organization of his group. The boss of the “oldest” CAC 40 is preparing for a smooth transition and the handover to the new generation. This requires the separation of the functions of chairman and chief executive officer. And the rise to power, at 36, of his eldest son Edward Bouygues. “I am the oldest boss of the CAC 40. But I’m not going to fight to be the oldest“, Laughs Martin Bouygues, attached to the”continuity in management values».

The rising generation

In the new organization, validated by the group’s board of directors and effective since Wednesday, Martin Bouygues, “soon to be 69”, remains group chairman. Role that he will be able in theory, to play until his 85 years, since the statutes of the group have been modified. His right-hand man, Olivier Roussat, takes on the costume of managing director. Loyal among the faithful, he joined the group in 1995, to climb the ranks of Bouygues Telecom of which he was the CEO. At 56, he is the perfect regent.

The Bouygues group, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, has only had two CEOs since its creation by Francis Bouygues. When he died in 1993, Martin Bouygues took over from his father, becoming the youngest boss of a CAC 40 company. He obviously does not wish to reserve the same fate for his children.

Edward Bouygues, the dolphin

Edward Bouygues, a graduate of ESSCA d’Angers (specialization in Banking Finance) and holder of an MBA from London Business School, will continue to cut his teeth in the group. After a stint through Bouygues Bâtiment, the young man joined Bouygues Telecom, where he was notably the marketing director. At 36, he became Deputy CEO of the family group. He is also in charge of Bouygues Telecom’s strategy and, at Bouygues SA level, of telecoms development, CSR and innovation. Edward Bouygues, whose mother is American, which explains the spelling of his first name, will benefit from a mentor of choice in the person of Olivier Roussat. Not to mention the vigilant gaze of Martin Bouygues, who is not ready to completely turn the page. Discreet, Edward Bouygues is generally content with an eloquent smile when asked about his ambitions within the group. He does not forget that he has a sister, a brother… and a cousin who also work in the group.

Keep an eye on M6

In addition, several hot issues await Bouygues, starting with a possible consolidation of the French television market (our editions of February 17) launched by the sale of M6. “ This is a subject on which we are working, at the level of TF1 with Gilles Pélisson, and of the parent company, explained Martin Bouygues.We will see what it is possible to do. “The president of Bouygues said to himself”agree with Nicolas de Tavernost ”(CEO of M6), when he denounces“ a certain archaism of French legislation concerning televisions “. French audiovisual groups are in competition with the Gafan (with an “n” for Netflix) “who are in an unregulated world, while the French media, including TF1, operate in a very, very regulated world. All French governments without exception since the privatization of TF1 have made a law on the audiovisual sector“Lambasted Martin Bouygues, always very lively when it comes to denouncing a”rather heavy bureaucracy».

Bouygues Telecom, still growing

The Chairman of Bouygues also presented the annual results of his group, with, as every year, a particularly strong focus on Bouygues Telecom. The group’s telecoms subsidiary returned to growth, posting sales of 6.4 billion euros, up 6%. “One of the best performances in the sector in Europe“, Underlined Olivier Roussat. The telecoms operator now has 12.1 million mobile customers, to which are added the 2.1 million ETI customers, whose buyout was finalized on December 31, for 564 million euros. Bouygues Telecom is in third place in the mobile market and is now seeking second place, behind Orange. The takeover of ETI, the virtual operator of the CIC Crédit Mutuel bank, allows it to switch these subscribers to its network. Until now, they used the networks of SFR and, to a lesser extent, those of Orange.

In addition, Bouygues Telecom has reaffirmed its desire to accelerate its deployment in fiber, an area in which it is lagging behind its competitors, with only 1.6 million subscribers, when Orange has 4.6 million. The group continued to play troublemakers in the corporate market. This sector, largely dominated by Orange and SFR, is the object of much envy. Bouygues Telecom should be joined by Free, which has continued to postpone the launch of its offer amid the health crisis.

Cascading appointments

In addition to Edward Bouygues, a second Deputy Chief Executive Officer has been appointed, in the person of Pascal Grangé. He also remains Chief Financial Officer. These changes lead to others in the group, notably at Bouygues Telecom, with the appointment of Richard Viel as Chairman and CEO of the operator. He was the managing director since 2018.

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