A “QR Code” to filter entries in restaurants

This system will be offered in the TousAntiCovid application, replacing the contact books.

Will the government’s TousAntiCovid application turn into an access pass for restaurants? The idea in suspense for several weeks, took shape with the publication of a decree in the official journal this Sunday.

Concretely, a QR Code can be displayed at the entrance of restaurants, sports halls, or other places. It will be flashed by customers who go there. The goal being to be able to recontact them in the event that a person present in the establishment at the same time as them is finally declared positive for Covid-19, within three days specifies the decree. This QR Code will therefore further strengthen the tracing functionalities of this contact tracing application! Above all, it would replace the much maligned contact books in restaurants … when they reopen.

Replace contact books

The publication of this decree was however necessary for this new functionality to be implemented. The entry into force of the new function will not be immediate anyway, since tests will first have to be carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the device. “And even the restaurants should be open!», Underlines a person close to the file, a little annoyed by a sudden turmoil around the subject. Indeed, there is no need to put the cart before the horse. Restaurants are not going to reopen overnight, with or without a QR Code. The publication of the decree nevertheless makes it possible to prepare for the future.

No QR Code in churches, synagogues and mosques.

The IT and Freedom Commission (Cnil) has ruled on the changes made to TousAntiCovid by this decree. She considers that the usefulness of a “additional device for identifying contacts at risk of contamination is sufficiently demonstrated. ” The Cnil, however, puts two caveats to its green light: the first is whether it will be mandatory to flash a QR Code before entering the establishments concerned. The second, being that he ” not be made compulsory in places where frequentation is likely to reveal sensitive data (places of worship in particular)».

Over 13 million downloads

For its part, the TousAntiCovid application has been downloaded more than 13 million times, an important threshold to cross. This means that 20% of the population uses it, a first step to optimize its effectiveness. However, more than 60% of the population would need to use it for it to function optimally. However, the rate of downloads has slowed down significantly since travel certificates are no longer required. It was a particularly used function.

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