PowerZ, a game to teach children

The first chapter of this educational game is available this Monday. It is aimed at children aged 6 to 12… and their elders.

It’s a virtual world that becomes reality… or almost. This Monday, the first chapter of PowerZ is launched. This educational game came straight from the bubbling imagination of Emmanuel Freund. This father of two young children, creator of a start-up, imagined a video game universe dedicated to learning. He surrounded himself with a team of teachers and advisers, received financial support from Hachette, benefited from a partnership with Bayard… And after several months of sleepless nights, it was D-Day.

As in any board game, there is a scenario, a quest to accomplish. With this ready that it is neither fights, nor random constructions on islands, but of a true initiatory journey to discover a world populated by animals, chimeras… and to learn. “This first chapter is played in about two hours, to do it from start to finish, then the child can stay two or three more hours, to deepen knowledge.», Explains Emmanuel Freund.

During this first episode, the player creates “his” chimera, a cute little dragon-like animal, which will accompany him everywhere. “This chapter is dedicated to welcoming children, so that they want to come back and continue to play and learn.“. The playful aspect is neat, we would almost forget the pedagogy, with mental arithmetic, the recognition of logical sequences, a few words in foreign languages, including English and German. In addition, there are thirty “rare” French vocabulary words to collect to help children develop their language. “What is conceived well is clearly stated, so you need the words to say it», Recalls Emmanuel Freund. Children can click on the word for its definition if they do not understand it. “The tests we have carried out show that they carry out the process».

Classical music and careful vocabulary

«We have taken care of the expression, with characters who refer to each other, use the simple past, the imperfect», Adds Emmanuel Freund, anxious to get out of a logic of leveling down and not to give in to ease. Concerned about improving everyone’s general culture, PowerZ tackles eclectic themes, with an introduction to sign language, music theory, the presentation of seven masterpieces of classical music including the first movement of Beethoven’s fifth symphony, a little yoga and an initiation into Greek mythology.

The game’s total quest, which doesn’t quite make sense in this chapter, is to enter Babylon. For that, it will be necessary to move from island to island, each one having a specificity, until having a sufficient level to enter the city of knowledge. The next island, that is, the next chapter, is due out on March 15th.

Emmanuel Freund is betting on a “free economic model”. The game is accessible free of charge and those who wish to contribute to its development can pay their contribution, up to 10 euros per month. The game is located at powerz.tech. The site allows you to download the game and the application for parents which allows you to possibly follow the progress of the children. It is played on PC and Mac. Development on iPad and Switch is planned.


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