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FIGARO TOMORROW – Whether it’s a Nordmann or a spruce top, there are less polluting alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree bought and then thrown away.

Every year, the same question comes up: will we buy a Christmas tree and which one? Whether you choose a Nordmann (75% of sales) or a spruce top, it’s hard to find one that appeals to children while being environmentally friendly. However, if we are to believe the Kantar study for FranceAgrimer and Val’Hor, each year 5.9 million trees are purchased in France for a turnover of more than 158.2 million euros.

The offers as an alternative solution to plant your own tree. Cultivation can be done indoors and in pots. “We will have to be patient: we have to wait around 7 years for it to reach two meters”, underlines Robin Morvan, co-founder of the company born a year ago, with the aim of “giving city dwellers the opportunity to reconnect with gardening ”. And to specify: “We try as much as possible to adapt to different environments: balconies, places with little light…”.

For the less patient, there are other solutions. The artificial tree has the merit of limiting consumption to a single act of purchase. But made from synthetics, therefore from hydrocarbons, it is hardly cleaner.

Recycle your tree

Natural fir trees, which represent 85% of purchases, remain in the majority. But 66% of them are not recycled. “I find it a shame, every year thousands of fir trees are thrown away altogether while sustainable development takes an increasingly important place”, regrets Robin Morvan. Initiatives to encourage the recycling of conifers are multiplying in France. In 2018, the “Recycle our fir trees” operation organized by the Paris city hall made it possible to transform 85,000 firs into shredded material to protect soil and garden plants.

To limit waste, Mon Petit Coin Vert presents its subscribers with other uses, in particular culinary, to make herbal teas for example. You can also replant your tree outside once the holiday season has passed, cut it into logs to fuel your fireplace, or even reduce it to compost to fertilize your garden.

Buy a tree “Made in France” or create it yourself

The consumer can also turn to more natural alternatives. You can start by buying a French and locally grown fir from one of the 105 member producers, their quality is controlled using regional brands and these producers undertake to cultivate in a “reasoned and respectful way”. environment ”without decimating forests.

More and more creatives are choosing to make their own tree. By stacking books and adding decorations to them. There are also kits to build, paint and decorate your wooden tree. To your brushes!

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