With this machine, a baker transforms his dry bread into flour

FIGARO DEMAIN – The Crumbler, invented by a Bordeaux champion of anti-waste, is used by twenty French bakeries to stop wasting their bread.

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It looks like a neighborhood bakery like any other. At the foot of the Butte Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the baker takes his bread out of the oven. Six beautiful loaves of over a kilo each, nicely browned. But these breads are not quite like the others. Sébastien Hayertz made them with a new kind of flour, made from unsold crushed bread.

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It is thanks to the machine called the Crumbler that manages to make his breads of the day before a kind of breadcrumbs, which he uses as flour to remake “recycled” bread. Baptized the Phoenix – the one that is reborn from its ashes – this bread that he markets is made up half of this recycled flour and half of traditional flour. “I dry the dry bread in the oven, which develops the taste. After crushing the dry bread in the Crumbler, I mix 2 kilos of the resulting breadcrumbs with two kilos of traditional flour. I hydrate and I cook for 50 minutes (compared to 20 minutes for a baguette), which means that the yeast is cooked, so the bread is more digestible. ”Explains the baker, who has been using this innovation for two weeks.

Of course, the Raphaëlle bakery will continue to donate unsold items to associations, in particular the Carillon which relies on traders to help the homeless. But he will always have some. That is to say a loss of 10% on average in turnover. “It’s not just the financial interest that motivated us. We are interested in investing in a zero waste approach. We are trying to educate our children in a sustainable development approach and we are already doing awareness-raising workshops for children from the school opposite ”, testifies the owner of the bakery which is located a hundred meters from La Maison of Zero Waste.

The machine, which costs two thousand euros to buy, should pay off quickly. Because this one kilo bread, which sells for 7 euros, is not lacking in advantages: more digestible, it also keeps longer. “As soon as we talked about it on Facebook, we had many customers coming to us to ask for it”, testifies the baker. “The concept will be very popular with my daughter,” confirms Madeleine, a customer who came to pick up her daily bread.

Today, around twenty bakeries are equipped with the Crumbler in France. It is the Bordelais Franck Wallet, the inventor of the machine, who is at the initiative of this project, baptized

After a two-year round trip from Paris to Beijing by bike, educating children about sustainable development in schools, Franck Wallet worked as an urban planner for four years. “But I was missing something in terms of commitment,” he says. It was by collecting bread for the Restos du Cœur that he realized that there was always some left over. His thing was French toast. He made some with the unsold goods that he collected in bakeries in Bordeaux and distributed it around him. “The problem is that on my scale it is too limited and it is difficult to encourage bakers to make French toast because it does not keep for long and it is especially good hot”.

Les Recettes évadées was part of the participatory budget of the city of Paris.
Caroline de Malet

It was while doing experiments at home that Franck Wallet made this discovery: “by grinding dry bread, I recover a powder with a much greater potential than French toast”. This flour is easy to keep and allows you to make a multitude of recipes. His idea, born in 2016, made its way, incubated within the business incubator Anabase in Bordeaux, created with own funds (its savings) with the help of Ademe, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and Bordeaux Métropole. . Very pragmatically, the inventor had his machine manufactured by an industrialist before offering it for sale to bread professionals from mid-2017.

One of the projects of the participatory budget of the city of Paris

“There are 30,000 bakers in France: the potential is real”. Through the chambers of trades, this champion of anti-waste thus manages to reach the professionals most aware of waste. To independent bakers the small model, to supermarkets, catering chefs and industrial bakeries the large model, capable of grinding whole baguettes. was even selected as part of the participatory budget of the city of Paris, which enabled it to collect 5,000 euros in aid. Enough to manufacture and ship three machines to provide them free of charge for testing for six months to three Parisian bakeries.

Escaped Recipes win the eco-responsible buffets

Beyond bread, most bakeries make with this second-hand flour, which the start-up Expliceat trains them. “The idea is to make products with added value, a bit like the almond croissant”, emphasizes Franck Wallet.

The latter, who has made the fight against waste his hobbyhorse, is not content to keep his invention alive. With his team of three, he provides eco-responsible buffets in Paris and Bordeaux – in particular with products made from this flour from partner bakeries – and advice on food waste. Although his turnover reached around 100,000 euros for this first real year of operation, the inventor had not yet paid himself a salary. But as its growth is, by its own admission, “exponential”, it may be the case next year.

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