Watering cans, mowers, houseplants: the gardening market is soaring

The success of products intended for the garden in recent months confirms a basic trend, which appeared thanks to the health crisis.

The freezing winter and the rainy spring do not seem to have weakened the determination of gardeners. Watering cans, mowers, indoor plants: the products for it have been very successful in recent months and are attracting an ever-growing clientele.

“It is certain, 2021 will be the record year for the garden” affirms Marc Rossat-Mignod, Deputy CEO of the Botanic group, “These months, we are in increases of 20 to 30% on garden products»Continues the leader of the Savoyard group, which has 70 brands across France. At Truffaut, which has 67, the situation is similar with “double-digit growth compared to two years ago“And the observation among the French of a”strong desire for nature ” shares Nadège Beck, Director of the offer. No product is left behind, “everything works, the plants but also the containers to equip the and », says the director.

An impetus equivalent to “5 years of growth”

This acceleration in the first half of 2021 is confirmation of the enthusiasm for gardening that Promojardin – an association specializing in the sector – already pointed out in its annual study published in April: “the garden appeared as a safe haven in these stormy times“. A boon for gardening brands for whom this “impulse“Is equivalent, according to the study, to”5 years of growth».

But this success puts “The industry under pressure” and exposes it to shortages in certain products such as nursery plants, “it takes several years to grow them“Explains the director of the offer of Truffaut, who continues”in this segment, the supply cannot meet a sudden increase in demand“. At Gardena, a brand of gardening tools established in 80 countries, these are “lawn mowers and watering productsWhich are out of stock, confides Julie Hoang, marketing and communications director for southern Europe.

A critical situation which could however settle down in this period of deconfinement as the Botanic group thinks, which is preparing for a “slight rebalancing» : «people are going to go back to restaurants, make trips again which could reduce the budget for the garden»Projects Marc Rossat-Mignod. However, the latter is not worried, the success “green, do it yourself, natural and eat well” is a “structural craze».

«I rediscovered my garden»

Beyond the economic situation, the phenomenon does seem to be rooted in some people in a profound change in mentalities. “The spring confinements developed my sensitivity, I rediscovered my garden. By anchoring in a place, on a daily basis, we pay attention to the buds, to the blooming nature», Confides Emmanuel, a young 23-year-old consultant, a bit of a poet. With the arrival of fine weather, the young man got busy in the family garden in the Parisian suburbs and proudly details his achievements: making a bin, landscaping a vegetable garden and sowing “homemade».

Customer rejuvenation

And Emmanuel is no exception among the young people of his generation. Marc Rossat-Mignod indeed notes “customer rejuvenation“Which can be observed in particular on social networks:”the green plant is no longer a granny thing, obsolete“But a decorative object that young people post on Instagram, he explains. A trend that Kantar already pointed out in his study “The French and the plant», Published in March 2021 and confirmed by all players in the sector.

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