Net neutrality wins battle in California

The state of California has won in its defense of net neutrality against internet service providers.

California won a major victory on Tuesday in its fight for the “net neutrality», A principle which guarantees the same access to all to the network. Adopted in 2018, the California law has just been validated by a federal court, despite appeals from internet service providers (ISPs).

On Twitter, Senator Scott Wiener welcomed the victory of a law he himself drafted, taunting the “telecommunications companies” and their “effortsAgainst his project.

The cradle of Silicon Valley has made the choice of a return of “Net Neutrality Law”While the U.S. Communications Agency (FCC), the U.S. regulator, ruled in 2017 to end the principle. A local initiative that at the time was provoking the thunderbolts of the Donald Trump Republican government. FCC boss Ajit Pai himself called the action “illegalAnd contrary to the interests of the consumer.

Despite opposition from ISPs and Republicans, this neutrality is supported by behemoths like Amazon Google or Netflix, as well as other smaller companies. All fear that the abolition of neutrality will leave operators free to increase the prices of a faster speed or block certain services competing with ISPs, such as video on demand, internet telephony or search engines.

Two speed internet

Without the principle of law, operators are in fact free to adjust their prices according to the content they transmit. The result would then be a two-speed internet, one more expensive at high speed, and another reduced for the less fortunate. Another possibility already present in Portugal, customers t in order to access certain service packs: € 4.99 for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or even € 6.99 for the Netflix YouTube and Twitch pack.

A mark-up system far from benefiting the digital giants who would see their traffic drop, and fear unfair competition with the services offered by the suppliers themselves, like AT & T and its streaming service. In the United States, California’s legal victory now opens the door to the passage of statewide laws to strengthen net neutrality without a federal organization.

In France, protection is guaranteed by the law of October 6, 2016 for a digital Republic. It keeps our access to a “Open internet», Under the supervision of Arcep. The electronic communications regulatory authority also clarified its position in July 2020 on the use of the “Zero Rating“. An option that gives customers the freedom to consume as much as they want on an application, without the data being taken from the total data authorized by the subscription. The French regulator recalls that “these practices are not prohibited – per se – by the European regulation, but they can lead to discriminatory treatment in favor of applications or category of applications».

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