Eric Fottorino launches “Légende”, a large format with lots of illustrations

The publisher of “1” and “Zadig” hopes for more than 50,000 sales with a first issue devoted to Zinédine Zidane, on newsstands this Wednesday.

On the cover, a single full-pot photo, that of Zizou, shaved head, donning his eternal Adidas jacket, and a title in black capital letters on a gold background: Legend. This is the name of the latest addition to the Fottorino team, the small press group founded in 2014 by the former director of the World and which publishes “Le 1”, “America” ​​and “Zadig”. On sale this Thursday, the new title, a quarterly which will appear twice this year and four times in a full year, will devote each of its issues to a “legend”, living or not, in any case contemporary. “Gender parity will be guaranteed, assure . After this issue on Zidane, issue two which will be released on September 16 will be dedicated to a woman. ”

The publisher recognizes that he is taking a risk by launching a newspaper that he himself describes as “spectacular”, sold for 20 euros at newsagents and bookstores. True to his strategy, Eric Fottorino once again relies on the two networks to market Legend. But he still took his precautions by launching, in February, a fundraising campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform. It enabled her to raise 200,000 euros and to recruit 2,200 subscribers for her newborn baby.

American inspiration

“When the legend is beautiful, it must be printed”, explains Eric Fottorino, who takes over one of the lines of the film The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance (“When the legend goes beyond reality, then we publish the legend”). It must be said that the “product” has something to seduce. The format is really giant (27 cm in width and 40 cm in height), inspired by an American sports magazine, , an even larger biannual which, since 2010, aims to reconnect with the golden age of the great stories of the magazine press. “Legend will not be dedicated to athletes only, reassures Eric Fottorino, and will not contain advertising unlike its American model. “

In the summary of number one, a clever mix between two-thirds of photos and one-third of texts signed by beautiful signatures such as, among others, the feather of The team Vincent Duluc, the novelist Dan Franck, the political scientist Jérôme Fourquet or the photographer Stéphane Meunier who produced the report Eyes in the Blues in 1998.

With an installation of 56,000 copies, Eric Fottorino hopes for success. Despite the health crisis, which has deprived its two best-selling titles in bookstores (America and Zadig) from the bookstore network, a box of Legend with fans of the footballer (and beyond) would allow him to limit the decline in turnover of his group over the year, or even to remain stable, at 4.5 million euros.

1 Today each week on average more than 33,000 copies, or 1,000 to 2,000 more copies won during confinement, has just passed the 22,000 subscribers milestone. For America, however, the period was difficult. Trump’s America quarterly lost nearly half of its usual sales, between 35,000 and 40,000 copies, during the two-month bookstore shutdown. As for Zadig, launched in spring 2019 to tell France through reports, it normally sells between 32,000 and 35,000 copies.

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