Mediawan acquires Lagardère Studios and expands in Europe

The media and production group created by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse could exit the stock market.

Mediawan thinks big and pursues with determination its ambition to become the leader in audiovisual production in Europe. The group created in 2016 by, and in any case made this morning a series of announcements that confirm it.

On the production side first, Mediawan, which has been France’s number one TV production company for two years, has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire the number two market from which Arnaud Lagardère has been trying to separate for more than a year. The group led by Pierre-Antoine Capton is putting 100 million euros on the table to carry out this operation, which will consolidate its rank as leader in France, but also strengthen its positions in Spain (Boomerang) and in the Netherlands in particular. By getting its hands on Lagardère Studios, Mediawan is also entering the stream broadcasts market (“C dans l’air”, “Ca starts today”).

Mediawan, which has already made several acquisitions in Europe, notably in Italy (Palomar), also announces another external growth operation on the Old Continent: the majority takeover of Good Mood, a Spanish production company headed by a cador of production, Daniel Écija, founder and former boss of Globomedia, one of the production leaders in Europe today in the bosom of Mediapro, and creator of the series One two Three. A powerful ally in targeting Spanish-speaking markets.

New alliance in Germany

The European ecosystem that Mediawan is setting up is also taking on a new dimension with the acquisition of a 25% stake in Leonine (ex-TMG), one of the main production groups in Germany. This operation will be carried out at the level of a new company, Mediawan Alliance. Indeed, Mediawan, which has been listed in Paris since 2016, could exit the stock market and join forces with a major player, the investment fund which acquired TMG in 2019. The new company will thus launch a public offer on all the securities not held by the three partners as well as by the mutual insurance company MACSF, a partner of Mediawan since its IPO and which now holds nearly 8%. It was on this occasion that KKR would become an ally, the American fund bringing to the holding company Mediawan Alliance the minority stake in Leonine.

A sign of his new roots in Germany, the current CEO of Leonine, Fred Kogel, is called to become the CEO of Mediawan Alliance, Pierre-Antoine Capton by becoming the chairman, in addition to his title of chairman of the board of Mediawan. . The creation of the new company aims to ensure the control of Mediawan by the French founding trio and its partner MASCF and thus to protect the activities from any foreign predator.

Finally, Mediawan Alliance has at the same time planned to buy the audiovisual activities of the Troisième Oeil group founded by Pierre-Antoine Capton, present in particular in streaming broadcasts (“CA Vous” for France 5) but also in documentaries with links already established. with Netflix or Amazon.

Respond to the strong demand for platforms

Because it is the platforms, in high demand for quality original content, which are in the sights of Mediawan. By becoming the leader in production in France but also in Italy and Spain, and by strategically allying with the largest production group in Germany, the French group now appears as a key player, with a network of multinational talents and therefore a creative potential that allows it to envision the future with a redoubled ambition: that of producing series, films or documentaries on a European scale and within the framework of international cooperation and co-productions, therefore with significant resources and global outlets.

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