Auto insurance: UFC-Que Choisir calls for lower contributions to insurers

The association believes that the latter have hardly made any gesture for their policyholders despite the savings made during the first confinement. She also denounces the increase in contributions planned for next year.

Of the'”smoking “. This is how the UFC Que Choisir qualifies the almost general refusal of auto and motorcycle insurers to provide their customers with the substantial savings made during the first confinement in the spring. In published this Tuesday, the association for the defense of consumers recalls that they have made savings of 2.2 billion euros during this period when travel was prohibited. However, few are those to have conceded rebates to their customers. “The association demands the restitution of the overpayment to the policyholders and calls on them to bring into play competition, in particular for the benefit of virtuous insurers. “, She launches this Tuesday.

More serious according to the UFC, the majority of them having planned to transfer part of the expenses related to compensation for business interruption insurance to car prices, explained a study by Facts & Figures last September. This decision is “as incomprehensible as it is unacceptable“, Judges the association. Especially since the French Insurance Federation (FFA) had undertaken, in a letter addressed to the UFC Que Choisir last April, not to do so. “If it turns out that the premiums collected were greater than the claims paid, this will have an impact on the rates for the year 2021.», She promised at the time. A promise that will obviously not be kept, regrets the association, which asks “a strict tariff moderation of 2021 contributions».

50 euros reduction

But as of today, the UFC Que Choisir requires insurers to make a gesture on the contributions of their clients. According to his calculations, the latter could drop by 50 euros per car and 29 euros per motorcycle if the 2.2 billion saved by the sector were returned. But at this stage, only the Maif, the Matmut, the Macif or even GMF have agreed to price measures. “Insurers who refuse to publicly retrocede this windfall, such as Allianz or Crédit Mutuel assurances, are secretly and purely discretionary granting individual rebates.», Notes the association.

In the spring, insurers justified their refusal to act by fear of a rebound in accidents with deconfinement. An argument today “clearly contradicted by the reality of the facts“According to the UFC,”since even before the second confinement, road accidents have already fallen by 14% over the year as a whole“. Insurers have also highlighted the fact that “thebalance in the sector was threatened by the decline in financial markets“. However, “their strong rebound during the year removed this risk, especially since these stock market operations weigh more than half the heavy expenses incurred to acquire new clients», Notes the association.

Play the competition

Insurers prefer, according to the UFC Que Choisir, to concentrate their financial efforts on prospects to whom they concede large discounts. “In this regard, Axa and the MAAF, stand out sadly with discounts ranging from four months of membership to 200 euros. Where the shoe pinch is that these slashed prices are financed by loyal policyholders», She notes. It evokes a “loyalty penaltyWhich, moreover, undermines the principle of mutualisation of insurance. “For the insurer, the premium is no longer only set according to the anticipation of a claim to be compensated. It can also vary according to the fear of seeing his client slip away to another insurer, what a deviation! ».

This situation penalizes the most fragile households who tend to seek less competition, regrets the association. It therefore encourages the French to demand a reduction in premiums and not to hesitate to look elsewhere if their insurer refuses. The UFC Que Choisir even makes it available, already downloaded by 600,000 consumers.

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