The editorial staff of Europe 1 opposes the arrival of a journalist from Current Values

The Society of Editors denounces a bad “signal sent in terms of editorial values”.

The vote is final: called to meet in general assembly this Monday morning to decide on the imminent arrival within their editorial staff of a former magazine Current valuesthe journalists of Europe 1 have clearly said no: 114 of them support the request of the Society of Editors demanding that the management give up this recruitment, only three oppose it.

The editorial staff of the Lagardère group’s radio station has been very upbeat since Friday, when information was leaked that the journalist, current editor-in-chief “Defence, police, justice” of Current values, would become the new head of the political department. The fact that this journalist, who is also a columnist on the LCI news channel, comes from the ranks of the editorial staff of a magazine with a clear reputation on the right, but that he was also a UMP activist and former member of the of communication of Claude Guéant to the ministry for the Interior creates shocks in the rows of journalists.

In a press release published on Saturday, the Society of Editors of Europe 1 “fiercely opposesto this appointment and recallsits attachment to the general nature of Europe 1 and to a non-ideologized treatment of information“. The SDR specifies that it “don’t blame an individual» but that «she deplores the signal sent in terms of editorial and journalistic values“. She adds that “never has an openly politically marked journalist been head of the political department“.

The weekly of the right that assumes»

The context, less than two years from the presidential election, exacerbates tensions. It also aggravates shortcuts that are perhaps a bit fast, one of the arguments raised by the SDR being for example the fact that Current values claims itself “the weekly of the right that assumes” and that he is currently the subject of legal proceedings for “racist slurs“. The weekly recently published a cartoon of MP Danièle Obono represented as a slave in a fictional novel. A demonstration to support the parliamentarian and “against the uninhibited racism of Current Valueswas organized on Saturday in Paris.

On Friday, Louis de Raguenel reacted to the controversy by tweeting that the drawing “shouldn’t have existed“.

On Saturday, in an email sent to the editorial staff, Donat Vidal-Revel, the director of information for Europe 1, defended the choice of Louis de Raguenel to lead the political service, describing the recruit as “excellent colleague who has first-hand sources and a relationship of great trust with many and many political leaders, at all levels. But that was before the vote this morning.

The SDR and the representative unions SNJ, SNJ-CGT and CFTC now hope to quickly organize a meeting with the management of the station.

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