According to the court, owning a mobile phone is a privilege. The accused barred him from using it

A court in the American district of Clinton handed down an unusual verdict in June. The woman accused of negligent killing was deprived of the first use of a mobile phone. According to him, the first is the cause of an accident and the fatal injury of a young cyclist.

The accident, when a mother of two died, happened to her last year near the US town of DeWitt in Michigan. According to Judge Stewart McDonald, 25-year-old Mitzi Nelsonov was guilty of failing to pay enough attention to heavy traffic due to a cell phone. The result of the police investigation according to the Detroit Free Press portal was also taken into account in the verdict handed down on June 3. He hopes that the punishment will discourage people from getting behind the wheel of a mobile phone.

Last autumn, Nelsonov took care of her mobile phone during women’s studies, and because of that, she missed cyclist Jill Byelich, who is driving the regulations at the right curb. Safety features such as a reflective vest and a cycling helmet were unfortunately not valid for the mother of two children at the fateful moment.

According to the judge, ownership and use of the mobile phone is a privilege. And first, this is the first charge of his decision. I don’t think I have a mobile phone first, Judge McDonald said. His name does not apply only to a mobile phone, but to any other portable communication device. Nelson must completely forget about their request within two years.

The petitioner of this punishment is the widower Jordan Byelich. Among other things, he changed his mind that Nelson regretted his inu. I think that the judge thought of it all at the time and took into account all the factors on both sides, Byelich went out to impose penalties.

Nelson has to pay more than $ 15,600 (more than 370 thousand crowns) and another $ 1,500 (over 35 thousand crowns) in compensation for pokutch and court costs. In May j, an additional ID card was removed for one year. The judge thus recommended that within 150 hours of useful work, she also invite a collective discussion.

In addition, according to the court’s decision, I can also attend educational courses, where I can talk about the monsters of distraction behind the wheel. And especially in connection with the use of a mobile phone.

Should the courts first use mobile technology in accidents caused by using the telephone behind the wheel?

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