BlackBerry ready antibacterial smartphone. It will be disinfected

The infection is a large magpie for hospitalized patients. If necessary, eliminate this risk by strict hygienic rules. Mobile phones pose a known threat. The microorganism is first placed on them. The BlackBerry company is thus considering the production of a special mobile phone for hospital staff.

Even though the Canadian BlackBerry still cannot stand out from the wall of its competitors, it does not give up its efforts to gain a foothold in the mobile market and is still fighting fiercely for its position. The company will face a long-term decline in sales of its phones, and its sales revenue is offset by its software activity.

For example, with a text-based and hospital-based disease system, the company presented its pilot program this week at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital near Toronto, Canada. During this affair, BlackBerry John Chen was heard, and the company is also considering the production of a phone specially designed for use in hospitals.

Protecting patients from bacteria and infection is a huge problem, said Dr. Aviv Gladman. The hospital staff is thus responsible for this risk before entering the hospital room and leaving the hospital with swabs soaked in alcohol, not only every time, but also, for example, a mobile phone.

The only omission to present is a known threat to the patient’s life. According to a study published in the urn of applied microbiology, 20 and 30% of bacteria are present between the phone and the user’s fingers.

In 2011, London leaders among thousands of species of bacteria on mobile phones also demonstrated the presence of the dangerous E.coli causing purulent disease (more here).

Transferring bacteria to a mobile phone is very easy, because we use phones in many different places during the day. Among other things, Gladman pointed out that a possible infection is one of the most common causes of death in hospitalized patients.

Paramedics will have one more amount to worry about if hospitals use antibacterial blackberry, Chen said. However, the company has not yet developed such a telephone. So it is still in the weighing phase, it will probably fly in response to the hospital’s own facilities.

So it doesn’t matter how the BlackBerry was going to achieve an antibacterial phone. The layer with silver ions is most likely to be used. First, Corning achieved antibacterial glass, which it introduced in early 2014. According to the manufacturer, the new Gorilla Glass can destroy not only 99.9% of bacteria, but also provide long-term antibacterial protection.
(more here). Stbro is highly toxic to microorganisms. Its ions brn rstu as, bacteria, fungi and plsn.

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