Connect a smart swimsuit to your smartphone. Don’t get confused


After a toothbrush or sports shoes, prick a row of smart swimsuits. Zaala is made by a French company from Alsace. Just take a UV shot with a wireless transmitter and make silly swimsuits smart with rust.

Bikini equipped with a removable UV sensor warns the wearer via smart phone that they can be smeared with suntan lotion.

It occurred to me when I saw people sunbathing on the field, explains Marie Spinaliov. From mid-May, the company Spinali Design in Mylhzch at the entrance of France will offer this novelty through its website.

I told myself that there are flowers that warn when I have a plant, so it would be good to come up with something that would warn people that the sun is too strong for them, add a young woman who hopes to sell a thousand new swimsuits this year. . These are completely made in France and are only for women.

On the swimsuit, which is made to measure and costs 149 euros (about three thousand crowns), there is a small water-resistant receptor, which serves ultraviolet rays. The information was sent to the user’s smartphone or tablet, who had previously specified the skin type and straightened back. The application then sends an alarm to the base of all these that you need to lubricate yourself with sunscreen. I would also like to be notified about the smart phone of the person who has the owner of the swimsuit.

It’s not a day of play. When the people remember that they were laughing, it was often too late, they met her, to Maria Spinalio.

According to the vice-president of the French association, dermatologist Claudine Blanchetov-Bardonov is an interesting news, or everything that warns me about ultraviolet rays is good.

However, the fact that it is a bikini is not in the bottom. The best protection against the sun is not to expose it to the skin and not to get undressed, according to an expert who kadoron under the day of cancer prevention.

The receptor is not yet built into the swimsuit, so when the user wants to sunbathe on white, she has to take it off and put it on a towel.

There is really nothing new or revolutionary about ultraviolet zen receptors connected to a mobile application, says Thomas Remilleret, editor of the specialized server Objetconnecte. However, in principle, this is an interesting thing, or an answer to needs. The price is very high, add.

The authors of the project dream of moving to the next stages in the future: We are working with nanotechnology scientists from the Grenoble Nuclear Energy Commission to develop miniature receptors that are fully integrated into the substance, says Marie Spinaliov.

They have to follow models for men and so for children, who will also be able to locate the little one if they get lost in the field.

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