For some patients, smartphones can be fatal

Lkask is not recommended for light weight. Researchers studied the effect of smartphones on patients with pacemakers and implanted cardioverter-defibrillators. Cell phones near devices used to treat cardiac arrhythmias can be fatal for some patients.

The main round of special devices is to allow people with an irregular heartbeat to be able to do so in a normal way. And urit should not ignore them. They must avoid electric arcs, high-voltage radars, and have limited mobile phone use.

He should always use these cardiacs on the other side, not the implant support device. Failing this ten-year-old recommendation, we must have deadly consequences. There is also a risk of just carrying the phone in a breast pocket. It was recommended that it be issued ten years ago, these patients should wear a mobile phone at least 15 centimeters from the support device.

Not only the device itself for the right heartbeat, but so the mobile standards have changed since then. However, the scientists have asked themselves how much the current smartphones are for both the pacemaker and the cardioverter-defibrillator risk.

A total of 308 volunteers took part in the survey. Experts then monitored the impact of electromagnetic waves from selected phones from Samsung, Nokia and HTC, which were frequently conducted on a survey directly above the support of the device. A total of 3400 calls were made during the survey.

The result is surprising, but not unequivocal. In just one case, the heart rate device interpreted the telephone waves like a heart rate and stopped working. In the total sweat, it is only a 0.3% probability of failure. However, there is no risk. At first, it doesn’t matter what this zazen was like. It is limited to the information that it has been affected by electromagnetic waves from Nokia and HTC smartphones.

Pacemakers can mistakenly detect electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a smartphone as the heartbeat we are working on, said Dr. Carsten Lennerz of the Munich Clinic for the Heart and Disease Disease. As a result of the pause in the stimulation of the heart rhythm, the patient will suffer from a lack of acidified blood and I will lose consciousness.

Patients with a cardioverter-defibrillator are at risk for a painful eye. This zazen toti itself evaluates the rhythm of the heart and responds to it. When the rhythm is slow, it emits electrical impulses that the patient does not read. In other cases, a bag to restore a normal heart rhythm will give off a painful electric shock, which the patient feels as if kicked into the chest.

The effect of a smartphone on the heart of the device is unusual, but it cannot be disproved, Dr. Lennerz added, adding that it is therefore important to follow the current recommendations on what to do with the phone at a safe distance from the main device.

Patients should definitely not take risks. They should also avoid a smartphone in nprsnch kapsch koil and bund.

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