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Gone are the days when mobile manufacturers have come up with a portfolio of secrets and less than ten model lines. Now, on the contrary, they are no exception and the boards are dark to the hair of similar phones. Choosing the most suitable one is really an eye. Especially in the case if you prefer the dark android. Google bag spch for help.

I guess so. A long-lasting mobile phone requiring the necessary and vigorous replacement can provide patient time. Many people will remember the time about fifteen years ago, when the market was made by manufacturers with a portfolio that contained barely ten different series. And the difference between them in terms of specifications was really noticeable.

Time with me and the user required a monostvelkho vbru. However, manufacturers are quick to respond. As if in many discussions they were pointed out by spies and on the mention that this and that model could have the same specification for a hair better, a new model will soon be introduced. A model that, compared to another, first you only in one position.

This is even more the case when the user prefers the operating system and is not confused with the specific character. The exception is perhaps only OS, where we can choose between the latest iPhone and old models. The situation is completely different in the case of Android from Google. There are currently 18 thousand different models with this system on the market (more here).

Choosing the most suitable is not easy at all. And Google probably realized that. You can use our website to help you choose a new Android phone. The company will offer the most suitable mobile phones for the user-selected specifications.

Requirements for a new phone that affects the vbr horse are divided into 12 long categories. It is always necessary to fill in at least three of them. It doesn’t matter who they are. Of course, you can fill in all the categories and have Google design your device exactly to measure.

And this service is a member primarily for American users, so it can be shared with anyone. After selecting and specifying the minimum categories, a button will appear asking you to view the matching phones. Then a menu of US operators is displayed, but you can also select a later selection option. This will take the user straight to the design page for the most suitable android devices, including the most important specifications.

This is not a reversible thing, it is actually a specific exchange of comparisons. This is replaced by the currently most popular offer of smartphones, in which many users could even watch for hours without the help of a regular phone.

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