Have fun with the Internet, Apple’s assistant has zero zero

Apart from common questions, Apple’s voice assistant can also answer some rather special questions. The internet is flashing its latest depth.

Siri, for example, you can ask if these robotics can take place. Doke i answer how long lika (narka on the dog What does the fox say). When you ask her to make a sandwich, the answer is that she is not allowed to eat. And when you try to shoot OK Glass with the command (votes are an instruction for a competitive service), the answer is that the glass is probably half empty (glass in English means glass, but so Glass, as Google’s smart glasses).

Aaron Paul (Twitter)@ aaronpaul_8
30.ervna 2015 v 08:04, pspvek archivovn: 30.ervna 2015 v 14:25

Ask Siri “what is zero divided by zero?” RIGHT. NOW.

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The latest finger in the family of non-traditional questions is on actor Aaron Paul, known from the series Breaking Bad and the film Need for Speed. On Twitter, he called on all his subscribers to immediately try to ask Siri how much zero is divided by zero.

Siri answers this question: Imagine you have zero biscuits and divide them evenly between zero comrades. How many females will a friend receive? See? Don’t make sense. In addition, Cookie Monster (a character from the children’s series Sesame, opens, in Czech translation Keksk, editor’s note) is unreasonable that there are no females and you are uneasy, because you have no friends.

These instructions were immediately followed by an avalanche of users, including Red Bull characters and the HAL 9000 film robot.

PAGE 9000 (Twitter)@HAL9000_
30.ervna 2015 v 09:53, pspvek archivovn: 30.ervna 2015 v 14:27

Siri told me to divide zero by zero I have to imagine dividing zero cookies among zero astronauts. I’m happy I have zero astronauts.

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Siri told me, and I’ll cut zero to zero. I have to imagine how long zero cookies are between zero astronauts. I’m glad I don’t have astronauts on the twitter profile of the 2001 film: The Space Odyssey.

Red Bull (Twitter)@redbull
30.ervna 2015 v 11:06, pspvek archivovn: 30.ervna 2015 v 14:30

00 = Total Zero. (Come to us next time #Siri gets basic with y’all.) pic.twitter.com/pcNI7Oax9e

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As a marketing ploy, she immediately used the situation of the Red Bull character and referred to the svjTotal zero (total zero) drink.

fatima (Twitter)@ 21pilouis
30.ervna 2015 v 09:55, pspvek archivovn: 30.ervna 2015 v 15:40

when everyone is talking about how rude siri is but you don’t even have an iPhone pic.twitter.com/YAGDuTELz3

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Vichni is dealing with it, he is strongly opposed to Siri, even if he does not have an iPhone, you are such a successful Twitter user.

Ashlyn musser (Twitter)@ashlyyyyn_
30.ervna 2015 v 14:50, pspvek archivovn: 30.ervna 2015 v 15:47

When everyone’s asking siri what 00 is, but you have an android phone… pic.twitter.com/RNJjg6nynt

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When everyone asks Siri to zero divided by zero, but you have Android, zn gave a reaction.

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