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It just didn’t happen by accident that the explosion of the iPhone 6 in Indian Gurgaon did not tragically occur. The phone exploded during a telephone explosion, but the user kept calling to listen in, because he was behind the wheel.

The truth is that the Indian did not use his phone, he shared it just two days before the fatal accident. Stailopitom had a lot, so to call with the phone to his ear, and the incident could have ended tragically.

The event happened on June 20. However, the meeting took place three days later, when the owner of the device, Kishan Yadav, reported the event to the local police.

He said in a statement that he bought the iPhone 6 in the first version with 64 GB of internal memory for 60 thousand rupees (about 23 thousand crowns) on Thursday, June 18, at a Galleria market dealer. He said that only two days later, all the stars had to be inclined, or he called hands-free while driving.

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The iPhone was placed on the dashboard when he noticed that there was a spark. Despite the call, he didn’t expect a call and threw the phone out the window. Upon impact, the device literally exploded to the touch. The state of the battery at the time of the explosion was around 70 percent.

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On Monday, Yadav went to the dealer from whom he bought the iPhone, but he referred him to an authorized Apple service center. His employees refused to accept the bag and wanted to seize the destroyed iPhone, informing him of the next steps. Such a proposal spilled Yadava so much that his steps laughed at the nearest police station, where he reported the whole thing.


Since the start of sales of the iPhone in India in June last year, this is the first case of spontaneous ignition of the phone with these features, but from a global point of view in a similar case of the iPhone 6 in all witnesses. degree when his iPhone hung in his pocket.

From the last few weeks, we’ve known two cases where the iPhone was asked by invited events. While in the first case rescued passengers in the crash of a regular bus (more here), the second pbh had a jitragick end.

When the original owner of the lost iPhone went looking for his phone. They had an activated device for locating the device according to GPS coordinates. He dishonored the finder, but the ensuing fight ended tragically. The original owner of the iPhone was shot (more here).

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