Lots of special inventions. You unlock your phone with your ear

Unlocking the display with the help of a fingerprint was quite a logical development in the equipment of smartphones. The logic in the case of the new Amazon patent can be talked about later.

To secure the content of the phone, it was initially used through a unique PIN when, but over time it added methods such as passwords, patterns on the display and, more recently, such as fingerprints, voice recognition and even scanners. The possibility that the image of the human body should recognize in the phone and release the contents of the device slowly diminishes, but Amazon turned to one table unused – the ear.

Although this invention introduced Amazon to the patent series in 2011, it was only recently that it was officially announced. The content of the patent is, in addition to its function, unlocked on the base recognizing the shape of the ear of its owner and thus reducing the distance from the ear. It should automatically be able to adjust the call volume depending on how far from the ear the speaker is.

It is advisable to assume that unlocking the device with the help of the ear sensor will only be valid in the case of a voice call. Unlocking the phone with the help of the ear in common matters such as checking e-mail and writing texts at first seems like an extremely impractical one.

But we have to pause over the very element of this function. Incoming calls are usually one of the few actions that do not require an unlocked device. The display simply shows the possibility of answering or rejecting the call. To refrain from unlocking the display at the moment, logically, or it could happen that you do not enter the password or first fingerprint, the other party can put the call on hold. I only make sense of the locked display in the event of an incoming call if you are really keen on anyone else picking up the phone.

Dalm’s question is the way in which zazen Amazon will use this novelty. His Fire Phone ended in a complete slump, the store far from having the expected results (more here). Although his successor fulfills the dog Nespch Fire Phone, he did not reveal many details about this model. The Fire Phone itself had a unique element in the form of a head sensor using 4 cameras (more here).

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