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The only one on the market of IP sets for smartphones and tablets is still Qualcomm, but its supremacy does not have to take long. One of the manufacturers that is trying to weaken its dominance is MediaTek, which recently expanded into the US. The upcoming Helio X20 ipset could suffer even the most modern hardware from the competition.

Not only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, but also the Exynos 7 Octa from the production of Samsung, which was first named in the performance with a considerable power of ped.

SoC (System-on-Chip) Helio X20 will have 10 included cores, which is very interesting in itself. So far, the hardware of this category has a maximum of 8 cores, and most of them use the assembled big.LITTLE, which is based on a pair of core processors.

One of them works at high performance and the word is heard in a number of various operations, typically playing games, playing video or shooting it in high quality. The species is then involved in the work during normal activities, which are not so nron and are exposed to the frequency of the processor, which is caused by consumption.


Unlike this architecture, the MediaTek Helio X20 uses three CPUs (so-called tri-cluster design). The weakest core of the ARM-Cortex A53 architecture is at a maximum of 1.4 GHz and thus fully fulfills the length of the disputed unit. The middle 2GHz cube is the same architecture and offers a convenient compromise in the form of a powerful but relatively questionable drive.

The ARM-Cortex A72 dual core at 2.5 GHz is then characterized by extreme power. These clusters are operated by the Coherent System Interconnet.

According to MediaTek, the big.LITTLE bag, thanks to its philosophy that there is always only one of the cadres in the collection, does not even offer controversial operation during certain basic operations and enough power for a smooth run due to errors.

Helio X20: faster and more competitive, with a universal LTE modem

The Helio X20 SoC, when a new ipset label reveals a 20nm manufacturing process, assigns the required number of cores to each first operation. Compared to the ipsetm type big.LITTLE, MediaTek promises performance of 30%, and energy consumption is also promising. The usual set of built-in sensors can work energetically, so it will be very controversial to play music. This, together with the voice control, will ensure a new controversial ip Cortex M4.

Architektura big.LITTLE m

Other advantages in the documentation include a universal modem with LTE support for all frequencies used. Compared to the weak 64-bit X10 ipset, the powerful version boasts 40% less graphics performance thanks to the Mali T800 GPU.

Equipped with this ipset, the main camera will be able to have a 32MPix camera, and the ceiling for the secondary will be a low 13-megapixel camera, able to take pictures with a 3D effect and high depth of field. Of course, there is support for uploading 4K videos.

Another important feature is the support of the 120Hz refresh rate display, which is twice as much as today’s 60 hertzm. This parameter ensures a better experience not only when viewing photos or videos.

The first smartphone samples with this promising ipset should appear during this quarter. The store should then appear on store shelves by the end of the year.

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