Microsoft surprised, Uberu sold the well-known st maps of the Bing division

Surprisingly, Microsoft decided to get rid of the service, but refused to sell it for a long time. Uber bought the Bing division from the software giant, which operates an alternative taxi club.

The closure of the deal was confirmed by the companies through the TechCrunch portal. There were details, such as when the deal would be closed and how much the total price would cost, they declined to comment. Uber is still known mainly on Google maps, and with the acquisition of Bing mapping technology, it will be able to develop its own documents and related software.

About a hundred inenr who helped take care of the collection of images and their implementation into maps under the Microsoft headquarters at Bing. Thus, three-dimensional maps were created for their activities.

Creating your own map bases has a known global meaning for Uber. So far, for alternative taxi clubs and shared cars around the world use materials from Google, Apple and Baidu.

Uber’s attempt to send a position was not surprising, as it was missed by an MSC attempt to get a Nokia Here map. For their purchase, the company offered a bill of dollars (roughly 73 billion crowns). On the contrary, he is very surprised to sell Microsoft to Bingo. For many years, he denied that anything related to this service was ever for sale.

The part of the business is to drive ble neurench assets. Both companies declined to comment on the content of the acquisition. According to the TechCrunch portal, it should first and foremost be known about the hundreds of imaging materials that the Bing ingenuity have created under the direction of Microsoft. And there are many of them, Bingo maps show images of streets not only in many American cities, but the Streetside function (an alternative to StreetView in Google maps) can also be used in selected cities in France and Spain.

Under Uber, the data center near Boulder, Colorado, has a nightmare technology. It will certainly not be left fallow for long, after more than two hundred cities around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of cars moving to the services of Uber.

The system of trade will probably also include the licensing of intellectual property, ie intangible assets, which is the result of the process of human washing. What Uber specifically means in full can only be assumed at this point. There is a real deal of information. According to his own report, he also intended to cooperate with partners and at the same time invest in his own technology.

It should be noted that the sale of three maps of the Bing division does not mean the end of this service. Microsoft let it be heard that Bing maps will continue to be offered below, using licensed data from partners.

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