Mobile phones for a great price? Yes, but they will come in two months from Hong Kong without taxes

There are several retailers on the market who offer mobile phones at very attractive prices, including free shipping. Only and deep in the business conditions you will find that the trade is only through the sales of Asian traders. He decides to pay the business conditions.

The store is Polish, but also on our market. The stumps are therefore also available in the backbone of ethin. In a somewhat confusing and confusing offer, there are many very old models of mobile phones, some prices are not interesting, others are very attractive. Pedevm nktersmartphony NokiaLumia offers the store for unbeatable prices.

Compared to other stores on the Czech market, half are quiet, as with the Lumia 920 or 925 models. You offer for 2,870 and 3,560 crowns. The lowest price on the market is between 5,400 and 5,300 crowns. Similar suitable prices can be found for some other devices.

The store announces free shipping, usually 14 days for the product. Only if you decide to take a step longer and fill in the information, then for the next Czech (another option to choose from), the delivery time of two months will appear. In the last step of the payment (including the possibility of transferring pensions to the Czech Republic), you will then be charged for 78 days.

The reason is simple, the business is just a means to send it to Asian traders. According to the experience of customers on social sites or on the Heureka store search, the goods are sent from Hong Kong and it really takes a very long time to come.

You will find these details in the terms and conditions of business, which you must confirm before purchasing. And here it really pays to click the link and fist. You will find here that the store is run by a company from London as an intermediary and the goods are sent from Asia.

The problem is that the price is not final, it does not include VAT. Also, do the shipments do so, so go pay the tax and the cost of customs clearance. The price of Nokia will increase by another 800 and 1,000 crowns. For the mentioned Nokia, the price will remain with this surcharge, but it is a question where prices will drop in two months, not even a stop.

The question is also the subsequent complaint, if the goods have to be sent back to Asia, then a suitable purchase will become a rather inappropriate matter. Business conditions are unclear in this regard.

The store offers some very old mobile phones, such as the age-old Nokia 3650. After ten years on the market, it certainly did not remain in stock as new, so it is probably a restored old mobile phone, which the manufacturer does not mention. On the other hand, if you want to spread your mobile phone, then for 1,000 crowns + yes, you probably won’t.

You will see the same goods in many Asian stores, but they are ahead and open warehouses in Europe. You can also get the assortment much faster than at the mentioned store.

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