Neither Samsung nor Apple. The hit is a mobile phone with really both batteries

A relatively unsightly mobile phone with an unusually striking antique market in Ghana. Signs in the country affected by frequent power outages lk high battery capacity.

The phone combines the functions of a portable power supply (so-called power bank) and a classic mobile phone. In the base, these are no dazzling mobile phones with a button construction and a 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 240,320 dots. It can hold three SIM cards and is equipped with a radio receiver. A camera with a resolution of three megapixels is unlikely to offer excellent quality. Very interesting is the battery bag with a capacity of 10000 mAh. Not only does the phone hold on for many days, but it is also able to charge other devices using the USB connector.

However, the phone’s character is not clear. The server, which alerted the phone, reminds me that it appears in the country under the name Galace SQ and also X-TIGI. But he also pointed out the fact that the people do not remember the sign, and so give them a mobile bank, a large black phone or a mobile phone, as it will be sold in a box with a camouflage pattern.

At the market in Ghana

In the market in Ghana, Galace SQ is also sold under the name X-TIGI

Although it looks like a stupid phone, Facebook and Whatsapp clients will be installed in the store. but it’s not worth much, Facebook is just renamed the internet browser with a preset mobile version of this social network and the Whatsapp client is slow and doesn’t display notifications. With software equipment, the manufacturers did not shake their heads.

The price is very interesting. Shop in Ghana by phone for 100 and 150 Ghanaian cedis, ie in cash for 600 and 900 crowns. Source adds that local sellers are not willing to send the phone abroad. Although a highly cheap phone with both batteries sounds like a lure, outside the Ghanaian market, people will have to look for other devices. For a similar look, for example, our Aliexpress, for example, a phone called Coollove Q2, which has similar specifications, is available for a similar price.

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