No one will deny you their temper. woman reigns by mobile call

Children, copper news, work, personal life and much more. There is not enough to ask for questions with friends. Their validity was now confirmed by the statistics of the operator O2. According to them, these women call about your aunt for more than a minute. Even your bag is not left behind, women topped the consumption of mobile data.

O2 statistics confirm female attitude, ie a property that can be seen against him. women call for approximately 265 minutes, when the average length of one of the 63 telephones they make is three minutes. On the contrary, he can hang out on the phone in an average of three minutes. Msn then made three calls to me, for the same period, compared to them, call me 64 minutes.

Most often called users aged 35 to 45 years. In this age range, an average of 72.7 calls were made, followed by ten more calls. The only group in which the call is terminated are users under 26 (66.8 calls compared to 62.5).

The situation also changes when staying abroad, ie when using roaming. women in nm call 40 minutes a year, but then dark once as much (70 minutes). The number of minutes called when roaming also affects a certain number of business trips. Associated with the company is a necessary obligation in such cases. Most days in roaming, regardless of gender, the user is between the ages of 35 and 45.

O2 call statistics

women are not only in the called minutes, they can be known even in the number of sent SMS. Tch toti averages 98. Mui, on the other hand, is satisfied with only 76 at first. Even with the fact that they have one more communication partner than 15 (15 vs. 14).

The number of SMS messages sent in one month is regardless of the gender of the user under the age of 26. With tm 242 text messages sent, they have no competition among other age groups.

Mlde si neum pedstavit jedin den den bez dat

They have a clear advantage over women, these are mobile data. Msn will download more than half of the data (292 MB vs. 202 MB). The influencing factor is the fact that the smartphone uses only 45%, but only 42%. However, not all of them actually use the data service. Less than half of the data in smartphones use it, in particular 49% and 47% en.

The most frequent consumers of mobile data are users under 26 years of age. No wonder, in these age groups, the user is familiar with the smartphone. In total, 75% of users are under 26 years of age. For the dark quarters (71%) of them, mobile internet is a matter of course every day.

The consumption of data is younger, but they consume an average of 5333 MB of data. So about 18 percent more than their counterparts. The exception is not the user, for them it is not a problem to consume more than 5 GB of data during the month.

O2 statistics regardless of gender

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