Photo of the week: Mobile phones have enslaved us, let’s not take a step without them

It only took 20 years for us to become mobile slaves. You can find mobile verticals everywhere: say in the garden, in the cinema and in the restaurant. Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. We process e-mails from them, used to play games and listen to music. And then there are the social st.

Apparently we don’t notice her, but she can pick her up outside from the display of her own phone and look around. Sweat the plates with the same affected person. Mobile phones simply serve to shorten for a long time. I know the boom in mobile internet. Instead of relaxing outside, people are online at every turn.

Even in cinemas and theaters, where the bag illuminates the display of the hand and other people. In this dark clear object just pay attention to the full and even appear detached, and you want it or not. Consideration for others is thus in place, however, it is not always specific to the user.

There are a lot of pictures circulating on the Internet, including those professional references to mobile experience, and from real life, which capture a real picture of the current mobile age. One such is a vortex shot of an unspecified train boarding the social streets, which is accompanied by a humorous remark: It was captured in a watchful world. Everyone else is a mobile phone.

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14.jna 2014 at 12:12, pspvek archivovn: 03.ervence 2015 at 14:09

A man was caught watching the real world….

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Texting first, social networking, chat, e-mail communication, listening to music and playing mobile games. There is plenty of time to cut a few minutes.

Have you witnessed a similar situation where one of the many people genuinely monitors the relationship of the environment to mobile technology, and you have a picture? Even if you were alert to another situation, did the first mobile phone play its part? Please send it to the editorial e-mail, and we will publish selected images to some of the future.

You can get involved, even if you do not have such a photo in your archive now. It is similar to summer holidays, ie travel time around the world. And there will be no shortage of situations in which mobile technology will play a major role.

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