Remove our shorts from your mobile phone, hard inventor

Countless studies have created the darkness of the mobile phone’s effect on human health. The authors of some of them warn that the electromagnetic woman’s phone in her pants has an adverse effect on male fertility. First of all, special men’s boxers could prevent this.

At first glance, the names of boxers from Nimmimen are considered by their author Nick Piepenburg from Düsseldorf, Germany to be a small revolution.

Compared to them, who have two advantages over handbags, they have mobile phones in pednchkapsch pants. Many surveys have shown that the first foam has an adverse effect on the fertility muscle. According to the results of the study, mobile women reduce the number of sperm, but also affect their quality, and thus the ability to fertilize the egg.

Nick thus got the idea to create an underlying that would have known this risk without affecting the functionality and comfort of the legs. He addressed the textile company and it, in cooperation with the University of Germany, developed a special article, thanks to which the reproductive organs are protected not only from the electromagnetic wiring of all standard telephones (98%), but also before wi-fi wiring.

The whole secret lies in 20% of silver, otherwise the special fabric of Kronjuwelen boxers (in particular Crowned jewels) is composed of polyamide (20%) and polyester (60%).


In order to be able to launch boxers while hurting fertility, Nick launched a campaign on the startup portal Kickstarter together with five birds. They chose more than nine thousand dollars (roughly 215 thousand crowns) from the supporter. financial resources will reach and after reaching the total amount in the amount of 25 thousand dollars (approximately 600 thousand crowns).

Boxer project, which due to the not yet fully proven influence of electromagnetic women can be thanks to the silver silver only bottom bottom eliminating odor, can be supported by one dollar. For the 150 fastest contributors, boxers are available for only $ 30 (over 700 crowns) in a limited edition All black.

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