Revealed falen mobile broadcasts. The activist will explain

The British station Sky News has managed to prove that there is only a much-discussed falen mobile broadcast in London, following the movement of mobile phones in the area. The media reported on the deployment of the so-called Stingray in two, but now gained clear evidence. Organizations fighting for the transparency of police practices are now explained. saw the help of the German security company GMSK Cryptophone on the falen mobile station. In London revealed at least 20 cases deployed falench sent. The controversial surveillance technology is used to track the communications of criminals by police authorities around the world. The innocent of the two people who do not find themselves in the monitored area, explains the sensitivity of the deployment of the so-called Stingray Sky News.

The survey was decided by the fact that Rejnok informed about the deployment last November, referring to an anonymous source in the American newspaper The Times. said Sky News Eric King from Privacy International, who has long fought for the transparency of police procedures.

According to Sky News, the London Metropolitan police did not twist the bag, but did not confirm it. This is despite the fact that there will be enough information on the basis of free access to information. When asked about the use of Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe Sky News, he only said he would not talk about it, because this information can only help the kind of parties. It can be assumed that we are talking about the monitored people. Therefore, he sees no reason for him to do so.

Smn, hard activist. The police are also monitoring innocent people

King laughs at this reaction. According to him, even completely innocent people are watching during the deployment of Rejejko. Their (Rejnok) member use is very teak, King explains, with the fact that in the urban area there are thousands of mobile phones in the monitored area. What is wrong with this data, we do not know, add King.

The truth is that without knowledge of other properties, the monitors are difficult to exploit. They work on the basis of intercepting the internationally identified user of the IMSI mobile network and the ESN electronic network. they are often placed in cars, which after capturing the specific monitored IMSI changes position several times and on the basis of the so-called triangulation determine the position of the monitored hunter.


As long as the police have not been anonymous with the specific hunter, the data on the movement of other thousands have essentially gone to him. According to attorney Matthew Rice, the problem of confession may go elsewhere. Tracking can be used by criminals, buy them on the Internet for a thousand pounds. In short, you can’t be sure that they are all organs in criminal women. The police should clearly explain what they said to protect the public from the misuse of such devices, as well as how they used them, told the British server of the BBC television station.

Stingrays are used in many states, even here they are high

The controversy behind mobile phone tracking will be all over the world. According to Sky News, Pomrn bn uses stingrays in the USA, and according to the day there are 53 agencies in a total of 21 states. There have also been known cases where surveillance has been used in court in the United States.

The US government approved new legislation in May this year, according to police and gave the files permission before using the data log. The practice thus approached the German model, where the use of monitoring must report to the parliamentary commission.

The Florida company Harris Corporation, which is behind the production of sophisticated zazen, then signed a non-disclosure agreement with the police, according to Sky News. Her release was not possible.

f british nrodn crime agency keith bristow bag cleans up. In some cases, we simply cannot talk about what we would like to talk about because of informed debates, as this would disrupt our tactics. Some of the things we have to give are really intrusive and can be uncomfortable, he said, although it is important to know that the case is difficult to assess.

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