Smart watch: either with a fountain, or must be tracks

Everyone talks about smart watches whenever they want to make them, but sales are still worthwhile – a little more. Apple cut it for me. The watches are extremely expensive, but it still looks like the first smart watch rush. For? Because they look like premium watches. And that’s what it’s about.

Smart watches have been on the market for about two years. A lot has been said and written about them, but it’s not really an extreme hit yet. Sales compared to smartphones are weak or more negligible. Something can be at the expense of the offer while still limited by the offerer, some equipment, but as it looks, the main problem is in the design.

The equipment of the smart watch is basically the same. In principle, they should serve as an easily accessible notification of various notifications, in essence, they are an extended hand of the smartphone. And I know all watches today. Nkter lpe, nkter he. Likewise, manage sports applications, which is the reason for them, for customers to buy smart watches, or they could buy them.

There is also a special category of smart watches, which are actually mobile phones on the back. The producers fit them into the role of a nhradnhosmartphon for you on the weekend. There have been many attempts at a mobile phone in the back, and it would be a sight if it worked out this time around.

Today’s smart watches look quite similar. And this is from Apple. Look like electronics on your back, not like a watch. And that’s where the dog is buried. Attempts to adapt the design to a classic watch have, of course, been and are, you, Moto 360 from Motorola. Only at the time it looks like a picture, in the real it is not with such a lgr. Respectively, in the context of electronics on the back, it is not wrong, but in comparison with a classic watch, it is usually careful.

Apple got the longest, its Watch (some models) look luxurious (as a solid watch) and so the answer is their and only (by the size of smart watches) high price. This is a debt of up to 17 thousand dollars (more than 420 thousand crowns). That’s just the way it is in the clock business. A classic wristwatch is basically one thing, and that is information about time. Pesto can be easily made with watches for plates and hundreds of thousands of crowns.

And when we omit the cheapest ones, the watch for printing is also in comparison with mobile phones or smart watches of their own expensive goods. Copper and by no means a luxury watch cost from five thousand crowns, and when it shows the date next to the time, it is a luxury. Pesto their sales are not patn.

To remind meme digitlky. When the masses saw the market in their eighties, it was a hit. They did a lot, from a calculator to a databank. Only today it is again only a marginal segment of the market, they are among you among sports watches.

The watch is mainly about design and probably a bunch of ideas about what I want to wear back. Sweat in the dark is not what the masses want.

If it is a design of tusks, u understood everything of the manufacturer, only it will not be so easy. In order to keep the price low, it probably has to be read on materials.

Geek watches like Pebble have a good idea, you sell the sun and their technical design is a good idea. Just what works for a startup, obviously doesn’t work for mass brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei and others. There is no problem with sports models, which again compete with cheap bracelets. Even here, however, there is a relatively large target group, which also appears to be saturated.

So what do you do? Instead of functions, they should focus on design and especially on materials and processing. And when it functions, something extra. Mon would help the watch fulfill an dream – a watch with a fountain. You could play music and add light effects to it.

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