Take a look at the internet with a mobile phone on your feet. If you can do it

When in April this year the New York shoe company introduced the dmsk selfie shoes, lo spe about the april joke. The Korean singer took my thoughts and the German socialist began to fill the pictures, which seemed to be posed by another person. It is a bag of self-portraits, when there are billions of feet.

In the vicinity of self-portraits there seem to be an inexhaustible well with even incomprehensible ideas. At first, no one’s hand in the collection bothered anyone, but the manufacturers of mobile accessories invented the selfie stick. Since then, the hand in the collection has been appreciated. These are especially popular with tourists who use them to photograph various monuments, even in men. However, they warm up many exhibits, so many institutions forbid their use (more here).

The shoe company Miz Moozpak presented a special selfie shoe on April 1 this year. The mobile phone is simply inserted into a specially adapted peak and can be photographed (more here). Natst is only about April jokes. women eager to take a new body of selfies would have to have a foot in their physics.

Amon first got this joke sttinspirac for singing Ah HeeYeon alias Hani from the Korean group Exid. Prvona is the first person to demonstrate the ability to self-portrait of the feet. Ato pmo on TV.

Apparently, she had no idea how much the German billion would be interested. The photographed person has a collection of both hands.

The whole mystery surrounding their position was revealed by many accompanying photographs.

The prerequisite is that the camera has a self-timer. Although even for lovers of unconventional selfies from a number of users of old smartphones, it will not be a problem at all to install another photo application with the support of self-timer.

When taking such photos, people will at least stretch their body, as evidenced, for example, by a picture of the Selfie Game user on Twitter. For n, the oven is a cool affection. These are also skewed images to capture their dogs. What about the fact that the internet user nap svtemse have fun on their et.

The Selfie Game (Twitter)@SelfyGames
04. January 2014 at 02:35, pspvek archivovn: 21.kvtna 2015 at 14:40


reply to tweetblbit

And most of the images originate in domestic conditions, so there are also those who do not have the slightest share in this way, even in public. At least they don’t have to suffer from the ever-expanding number of orders just taking a selfie. They should take into account the surroundings and grind when the shoes are off.

Only nskchkosmetickch salons can run their hands with me now. With another variety of unconventional ways of taking selfies, you can also expect the interest in pedicure services. At least until someone comes up with another non-hotel way to take pictures of yourself. If anything comes to mind, discuss it in the discussion below the article.

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