The family flew him for half a million. His son hung on the internet

This spring’s holidays will probably be unforgettable for at least one American family for a long time. The flight beyond the borders of the United States was already known because the son was mainly interested in his father’s iPad. The head of the family was expecting a big deal after the return, right at the work meeting.

Holidays are meant for children to relax from customs duties. In order not to sit just in front of the TV or at the computer, they have to come up with a program. American Mike Domzalski conceived this summer’s spring holidays as a family trip to Toronto, Canada. Probably due to work duties, he also packed his iPad with him.

The bag did not go unnoticed by Mike’s son. The videos on YouTube were probably interesting because the ship itself flew from the American village of Macomb Township near Detroit to Toronto, Canada. Their tracking bag was the result of the tracks. So much so that Mike’s family could ask for a trip to Canada for a truly luxurious family stay. Or a brand new car.

Although the family looked at roaming settings on private phones, they did not check it on Mike’s iPad with data taken on a work phone. Mike found out about the track in the amount of 17,465.86 dollars (almost 430 thousand crowns) and at a working meeting, where he was appointed by the IT department’s pedal.

For the first hour of data in international roaming, the AT&T totimobile operator gave Domzalski its employer $ 11,733 (over 280,000 crowns).

The head of the family noticed that the screen of the iPad immediately passed the bridge to Canada darkened and the signal disappeared. He also protests himself with the claim, even at the time when there were factory fees, the family was not connected. His claim is supported by the employer himself. What is not surprising given the fact that the operator contacted him.

The AT&T bag opposes through speech and insists on svm. International salary rates because the data were downloaded outside the US. In this case, it was more than five hours of not downloading data.

This course is reminiscent of the recent experience of a young British woman who spent a family holiday in Egypt. She was not only interested in half the pleasures, she also found enough time to communicate with the social network. It is convinced that it is connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. After returning from the press, she found out that the operator wants to pay the £ 4,908, so more than 180 thousand crowns (more here).

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