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Frdrique Constant, one of the leading watch manufacturers in Switzerland, takes into account the recent trend. Its latest Horological Smartwatch model will be connected to the phone, among other things, to monitor the quality of your clip.

The smart watch should be another hit in the world of mobile devices, although so far it is not so full in practice. Watches are furnaces only a specific segment, where it is primarily about appearance and character.

And it is quite understandable that the Czech luxury watch market is also trying to respond to this trend. For example, TAG Heuer is currently working on a smart watch that should compete with models from Apple, Samsung and others (more here). A number of other companies are also working on smart models.

The manufacturer Frdrique Constant wants to establish himself in this market with the Horological Smartwatch, but once again he will make his own way. At first glance, this watch looks completely traditional, a digital display you would look for in vain. On the contrary, the watch has a classic dial. However, the traditional look is complemented by a number of clever functions, to which it will be useful to be connected to the phone.

This run made by a watch will mainly monitor the quality of your sleep, but so the daily activity, the distance and the parameters. These additional functions are provided by a type of dial that shows, for example, the percentage of full daily activity or the corresponding time of sleep. Um vs so on the basis of this data and wake up. It is, of course, both sides connected to the application on the phone with the iOS or Android operating system.

The manufacturer states that the battery of this watch should be able to withstand all functions for at least two years. In addition, of course, you get the expected luxury materials: steel grinding, sapphire crystal glass and crocodile gem.

The technology for these watches is supplied by Fullpower. We will consume the aunt of our life with sleep, but most of us do not talk about our own sleepers. Horological Smartwatch is the result of monitoring and analysis of more than 100 million nights spent on specimens and a year of research into biomechanics on the nature of the activity, describes the importance of the functions of monitoring specimens of Fullpower director Philippe Kahh.

And the price? As is customary with other watches, this model will not be cheap. Nevertheless, it turns out that the price tag of around 30 thousand crowns, with which the watch should drink on the market in June, is still in comparison with other Czech models of consumers. It is necessary to add that the watch does not have a mechanical (automatic) movement, but the movement is powered by batteries.

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