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At first glance, a classic elegant watch with a minimalist design, which, however, has the ability to monitor the physical activity of the wearer. This is a French watch with the company Withings, it boasts a Swiss made sticker.

Under the term smart watch, today the user most often imagines sweat bracelets. In other words, devices that not only alert you to all incoming correspondence or calls from a managed smartphone, but also know how to control music overtime, are exchanged for fitness functions and only a few errors are detected by the heart rate. An exception is not a watch with a built-in phone module (eg Samsung Gear S), which becomes a real smartphone on the back.

The other side of the coin’s wide functionality is often an uninteresting design, due to its lack of water resistance and only a few days of battery life.
Withings Activit go a slightly different path. At first glance, this is a very elegant watch on a quality horse. Just an asomra with which the bystepdomek was definitely not associated.

Withings Activit
Withings Activit

Only this watch deceives with the body, which is the first to reveal a sub-digit with a 100-point hinge, which certainly should not be an unusually placed second hand. This is a decent indicator of the percentage of daily physical activity.

The watch maps it through the built-in accelerometer, stores it in memory and sends the data for further processing to a phone managed via Bluetooth. This has both a device with Android (version 4.3.3 and you) and an iPhone, which must be at least on iOS 7.0.

Tm smart watch with a Swiss Made sticker

Long before the introduction of the Apple Watch, it was speculated that the Calif. It is possible to grant only to the machine, which is 60% originated in Switzerland. In the end, however, these speculations were not confirmed. Withings Activit at the bottom of the label is Swiss Made, but the manufacturer does not specify how the movement is stored in the watch case.

We take into account that the 36.3 mm case is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel and the total weight of the watch is only 37 grams. And this includes a leather strap with a steel clip with a thorn. They left nothing to chance with Withings and their emnk supplier is the French koeluna Haas, which is delivered to the calf with a high quality mark.

The selnk watch is minimalist and the fan of the watch will remember the same decent style of la Bauhaus, which is famous for the German manufactory Nomos. By the way, it belongs to one of the few watch brands, it is able to help produce the whole movement, including a stepping machine.

In addition to a pair of central hands, there is a self-indicator of physical activity. Simply set your daily duty to 8,000 steps in the user application and you can always see on the field how much you have met the set standard.

Selnk covers broken convex sapphire crystal, which the manufacturer also calls unbreakable. Appropriate and the reality of the attribute is definitely insurmountable, although even that is not entirely true. The course was designed by a watch from the French Le Locle, the cradle of the local watch.

Health Mate vs ohld day and night

In addition, the glass responds to touch, with its tapping of the hand, and sets the alarm. The watch will not be an audible signal, but a gentle vibration. The extent to which this type of excited inn would show a test.

Unlike purebred smart watches, which are made by an extended hand of a smartphone, Withings Activit can be used without a smartphone. They would definitely not be ashamed of a suit either.

Withings Activit

Withings Activit, also monitor the quality of the clamp

You can install the Health Mate application on your phone and their functionality is known. After checking the watch through a triaxial accelerometer, monitor each movement and analyze the data collected by patin application. The converted steps are converted into kilometers, certain portions of full calories, etc. according to the entered data. The application then serves the processed data in the form of tables and graphs.

That’s what the owner of a smart watch knows. The unconventional function of the inconspicuous tracker Withings is monitored on a monitor. It saw in the last firmware update. The watch thus recognizes that the wearer is in the water and memorizes the pace of the sawdust. Koen emnek is not ideal for swimming, so it is packed with silicone. Easy and fast replacement of emnk is guaranteed by their construction with good access to the same.

From watching the user’s activity, the watch does not stop even at night, and when waking up it is possible to see how long the deep and light phase of the switch lasted and how long the user was awake during the night. The usnn time is monitored. An interesting feature is the automatic cultivation of time when moving to other times of the day.

Unlike a smart watch, which must be charged every 2 and 4 days, depending on the method, with the Withings Activit use a classic CR2025 battery, the watch should be actively hit for at least 8 msc. In addition, its replacement can be easy and it can do without an hour.

Withings Activit watches are on sale for 390 euros on the official website, they are also offered by retailers for around 10 and 11 thousand crowns.

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