This cover for the iPhone is just a gamble. Me vs stt i ivot

The manufacturers of mobile accessories, especially the cover for the most diverse smartphone models, are moving to the shortest possible concept. Experts are primarily responsible for companies operating in the Japanese market. First there, you can now cover the cover for iPhone 5, which in some situations can endanger my life.

My cell phone is dressed like a cute bear, but so is you like a bull’s eye with bacon (more here). The possibility of individualizacesouasnch smartphone is many. Bizarn cases can turn your cell phone into a Batmobil (more here). Not all bags are suitable for public use.

One such issue is the questionable package for the iPhone 5 / 5s, which is valuable to use at closed events. It has the shape of a pistol, costs $ 49, ie about 1,200 crowns, and offers it Napkladtokijsk online store with Japan Trend Shop (including the Czech Republic).

Please note that no one can actually shoot a gun with this firearm, although it is funny, but it can get users into really big trouble. And the fact that in addition to the modern design, this case is available in whites and colors will certainly not protect it from this risk.

Such a case is really only used by a fool

According to the American prosecutor’s office in Ocean County, which drew attention to inappropriate accessories via a Facebook profile, it is not a good idea to carry a phone in such a case in public. When inserting the phone into the back pocket of the trousers, it is very difficult to recognize that it is a model.

The policeman can very easily exchange it for a real firearm. To decide, to grab, even an unusual weapon, I hold only in seconds. And during them, you may not be able to recognize an innocent model.

A user who looks noticeably cool with such a case is consciously at great risk. That’s how I stt i live. As an example, the prosecutor’s office led to a situation where a police officer stopped very easily due to strong control and went after such a phone.

If I were a cop, it would be dark and I would see such a person, my first thought would be to pull out my gun and neutralize the threat, procuratue activist Tony Herbert of Brooklyn confirmed.

The known risk is also represented by the fact that there is a mobile application in the case. It will show the remaining weapons on the iPhone display, which will be especially important for children. New York police thus warned against taking this case first. It is no problem to get it for only ten dollars (about 240 crowns).

Pensions issued by the sale of this product are bloody pensions issued to people who are so stupid as to wear such a case, said Patrick Lynch, the director of the Voluntary Association of the New York Daily News.

Changing the application will allow you to play with your phone on a Russian roulette wheel. And first such a case should remain there.

Do you consider the use of such a case a life-conscious gamble?

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