Which mobile phones can spit in your palm? Afra mobile stove continues

Afra has recently picked up the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor again recently, followed by Sony. There is more to a phone with this processor, nor does the professional public actually agree on whether the processor is a problem or not.

It looks like a little malichern afra, spades processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 top. For high-performance requirements, it emits a surprising amount of heat for any mobile processor, but the first Snapdragon 810 is therefore washable. The processor manufacturer claims that nothing is happening, that it is completely within the normal limits, but there is information about the extensive users on the Internet, which their supermodern smartphones are pouring into the palm of their hand.

It’s just that the truth is that if a smartphone with this processor is a little different, the whole afra will be a competitive competition for Qualcomm. It prints probably the most on the PR for the first time and you are trying to get a little insecure about the manufacturers of mobile phones to their processors.

So far, we have only tested two devices with the Snapdragon 810 in the editorial office, and it certainly did not happen that our phones were full. True, the HTC One M9 is embroiled a little more than the bottom of the darkness that the heat of the processor throws into its metal mouth. But the feelings of warmth weren’t so much different from the predecessor of the M8 with the Snapdragon 800, the M9 would probably be a little warm.

What the user is looking for is a decrease in power. Yes, there is a decrease in benchmarks when included, but due to the brute performance of the processor, the user does not know it in practice, even in the few games where the processor runs at full speed and the phone really warms me a lot. Our tests have shown that the Snapdragon 810’s performance fails a bit more than other peak processors, but this ipset is still one of the most powerful on the market.

It is interesting that after criticism, Qualcomm prepared a revised version, which is called Snapdragon 810 v2.1. Although the company refuses from the sweat in any way and supports it with statements from its customers, the revised version shows me that the oven processor is just nothing in the basement and even with a pocket stove oven there is only something to be. Only a similar revision was issued by Qualcomm in the past, and in this revision the company talks mainly about the improved performance of the graphics clock, which rose from 600 to 630 MHz and the work with the cache memory was accelerated. There is no question about Qualcomm. The other version 2.1 processors also have a new Xperia that feeds the affair.

On the other hand, the logic is that if the processor was so problematic, the manufacturers would probably not prepare to put and put smartphones with nm. It’s not that simple, if the manufacturer from the pot in the development of his smartphone potal with the given eenm, it may not be easy to go for an alternative. Mobile processors are available to manufacturers as an engineering sample about a year and a year before they go on sale, so that they have enough time to develop a smartphone first.

And for example, Samsung’s decision not to use the Snapdragon 810 in its spade type Galaxy S6 again tells about it. On the other hand, Samsung managed to execute its Exynos 7420 processor, so it is possible that the company just wanted to ensure that its performance is enjoyed by users all over the world and that no one will stand on the back of two. And whatever it is, it’s up to you to grab the Snapdragon 810 smartphones.

OnePlus 2

The eager expectation of OnePlus 2 while the jet was not revealed, on the other hand, the fact that it will use Snapdragon 810, it was officially confirmed. With OnePlus, it is important that there will be no problem, but we must repent of the result. The company will of course use a processor in version 2.1.

Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+/Z4v

Even the latest Sony models use the innovated version 2.1, although they do not avoid them. On the contrary, according to the response on the Internet, it seems that the problem in this case is to go elsewhere. Sony is proving how bad it is to implement a processor. It is interesting that the Snapdragon 810 also uses the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, which even has an old processor design. Don’t worry about Afra here, on the other hand, cooling a reasonable tablet is, of course, simply not much of a smartphone.

Xiaomi MiNote Pro

Even the user of the Xiaomi MiNote Pro does not know big voices about a fast processor, which is proof that it is really bad to build the processor itself into the smartphone. Let’s get ready for the MiNote Pro test, let’s try to knock a little more in the event of a question.

HTC One M9

The critically acclaimed top model from HTC was the second smartphone with the Snapdragon 810 on the market, so I should drive the original version 2 of the processor, not the innovated 2.1. In the case of HTC, the criticism is borne by the processor, but by the level of innovation in the spade model as such. One M9 heats, on the other hand, the heat spreads over the metal body and the device after a while top quite evenly.

LG G Flex2

The only curved LG G Flex2 was the first ever introduced phone with the Snapdragon 810, so use the original version of the processor (for the bottom, version 1 is an internal sample, only for sale). During our test, we did not notice a dramatic amount of plastic pressure, and LG will also receive praise for the good installation of the processor. On the other hand, only the company confirmed when it used a slightly weak Snapdragon 808 in its second top model, the LG G4, which included a trpt. Only at LG could they move after the processor with the heat radiated by it from the sweat, because I have a G4 koen cover. And through which the phone is probably getting cold, LG also wanted to anticipate any possible problems and this option may not have anything to do with the 810’s.

Motorola, Oppo, Microsoft

Smart phones with criticized processors are going to be given and given by manufacturers. Motorola should prepare a large phablet modeled on the Nexus 6 model, which will belong to the Droid model family for the Verizon operator. Oppo is also going to grow a smartphone, and probably the last year of the spade model with the Snapdragon 810 should be a ready-made supersmartphone from Microsoft with Windows 10 Mobile.

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