Edge were two Samsungs, now the name of the inventor will use a cell phone

Marked Edge carried smartphones from Samsung with rounded displays, which marked a design revolution. Soon, the bag will be filled with a completely different Edge, from the inventor’s cell phone.

The Samsung Edge was the first smartphone with a display with rounded side edges, which gradually became a new design element. Samsung introduced the first model with a rounded display in 2014 in the Note Edge model. He had a rounded display on one side only.

A year later, the S6 Edge followed and gave the year the S7 Edge. The S6 even had an enlarged version of the Edge +. The Edge designation on Samsung has differentiated models with a rounded display from those with a flat surface. In subsequent generations, the top Samsungs had a rounded display, and with the exception of the standard and Edge markings, they disappeared.

Now this name is returned, but it will be used by a completely different manufacturer. And opt is a link to a rounded display. That producer is the inventor of mobile phones as such, ie Motorola. This is the first Motorola logo now owned by Lenovo.

Marked Edge does not have to be globln. According to him, it will be exclusive for the American operator Verizon, as the two were with the smartphone with the Droid label. Outside the United States, my news will be named differently.

After an attractive and especially impressive flexible Razr age, referring to two iconic models, the new Edge + model will really look like a smartphone with the Motorola logo for a long time. Navc with a large battery with capacity
5,000 mAh. Motorola at the performance show, which will take place on April 22.

Probably the most famous was Evan Blass. It shows an attractive smartphone with only a small finger in the display and the protruding eyes of the camera. The display interfering with the sides of almost the whole body of the phone.

In the current coronavirus pandemic, only online will be introduced together with the single Edge model. It will of course be equipped with a rounded display. Instead of the Snapdragon 865 peak processor, the bag will receive a Snapdragon 765G ip. Both phones will support 5G st.

The Motorola Edge + will return characters among the real top smartphones. The rounded display should have a resolution of 1080p and a large depth of 6.7 inches. The display will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Operan pam top model m bt 8 GB a loit 128 GB. The Edge base gets 6 GB of operating memory.

The main focus set will consist of 108 megapixel main, 16 megapixel wide angle and eight megapixel telephoto lenses. Simply Edge will only have a 64 megapixel main camera.

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