Google’s new smartphone will not be an absolute top. He will miss the performance

The new top smartphone from Google is not among the most powerful. The company will probably try to lower the price and prepare Pixel 5 to offer an irma spectrum to buyers.

From the planned, yet unpublished Google Camera application from the prototype of the Pixel 4a model, we managed to find out some interesting information about the upcoming Pixel smartphones from Google. According to the 9to5Google server, the top model for the competition will be lost. From Google Camera it was possible to find out when both upcoming news items are new, in addition to where there are changes to photo_pixel_2020_midrange_config and photo_pixel_2020_config in the application.

When clearly refer to the two expected leton models. Namely on the Pixel 4a model, its introduction was postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, and it is not yet known when the new premiere will take place (for more see When will we see new smartphones from Google? The company canceled the introduction). The type of kd should refer to the autumn top model Pixel 5. The same was true for Pixel 4 with kd photo_pixel_2019_config, the Pixel 3a model then ml in the kd photo_pixel_2019_midrange_config application.

From the planned application, it was possible to find out who marked both new news items. They are called Bramble and Redfin, the first of them is to prepare a bird. From the two information, we know that both smartphones will use a Snapdragon 765G processor with support for 5G st. This is the second most powerful processor for this year in Qualcomm’s offer after Snapdragon 865. This means that the autumn top Pixel 5 will not get the most powerful processor. For the prepared model of medium 4a, on the contrary, it corresponds to ip.

This confirms the speculation that Pixel 5 will not be an absolute top capable of remembering, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 with a high price. Depending on the price, it is still affordable, but still very well equipped with a smartphone. However, the top model from Google as a reference smartphone for the Android system will be available. In GeekBench performance tests, the Snapdragon 765G has 30 and 50 percent less power than the Snapdragon 865.

Google will thus change the strategy of chasing the city for the best results, the preference of affordability and thus the birth of the Pixel smartphone. Pixels always had the best processors, but at a very high price.

The Pixel 4 device can be lightened by a suitable menu. Whenever the Google Camera application is being prepared, there is a SABER_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO where you know that the cheaper of these summer pixels should have an optical zoom.

Google can always fine-tune the cameras, what it could do from Pixel 4a krle medium now an smartphone with Android. And for a price far less than the top Pixel 5 model with the same powerful processor.

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