He put the star among the photo cars from Honor. We have a bad deal in the Czech Republic

The brand new Honor 30 Pro +, which should be a price-attractive alternative to the top Huawei P40 Pro, is one of the best photo cars. In the DxO Mark test, he didn’t just blame his sibling in the form of the Huawei P40 Pro, with which his focus has many common features.

The Huawei Group continues to dominate the DbO Mark photomobile. In the current top board, we can find five Huawei and Honor smartphones, the most popular of which is the sixth city of Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The five scoring smartphones from the German concern were not endangered by the rush of the latest tested Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, nor by the OnePlus 8 Pro, which did not pass the DxO Mark test.

The latest contribution to this series of Huawei photomobiles is the Honor 30 Pro +, which the company presented on Wednesday, April 15, at a press conference in the Czech Republic. Google, which means that they have a very complicated situation in the downstream markets for customers.

The new Honor 30 Pro + is in many ways very close to the spicy Huawei P40 Pro and its camera with nm shared a number of elements. Even the honor is plenty of peaks of fifty megapixels ip with a size of 1 / 1.28, which is one of the largest ipm in mobile phones. The optics with an aperture of f / 1.9 are the same.

The changes occurred in the wide-angle sensor, which is in honor of estnctimegapixel instead of tyicetimegapixel. This means that Honor, for example, will not be so expensive to shoot a video. The telephoto lens is the same, about five times the magnification and the aperture is f / 3.4, but below it, the eight-megapixel sensor instead of the twelve-megapixel sensor is hidden.

Honor is the error of the ToF sensor for working with depth of field (instead there is a two-megapixel ip for this el) and there is also a sensor for color temperature, which P40 Pro has.

Pesto is all right, with 125 points, Honor 30 Pro + took second place in the world, one point ahead of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and Oppo Find X2 Pro and three points for his siblings. Behind them, the honor slightly lags behind in individual disciplines, but the differences are really small and negligible. He received an honor of 136 points for the photograph, huawei boasts 140. The difference in the video is only one point of 104, huawei 105.

Shooting, the differences in basic disciplines such as exposure, color scheme, lining, texture and art are really insignificant and show that the advanced hardware of the expensive Huawei P40 Pro may have the potential to improve. A small (tybodal) loss is taken by the Honor 30 Pro + in non-photography, with a five-point difference, Huawei leads the bokeh effect, and the difference in zoom is the most striking, where the honor loses 14 points to its siblings. The Honor 30 Pro + is also one of the best smartphones in this discipline.

This peak honor will also have cheaper siblings 30 Pro and 30, who have basically only a small step on the camera. Instead of the main 50MPix ipu, they get a bit of an ordinary 40MPix shot, the rest of the photo set remains the same. Even these versions could figure very high in the DxO Mark website, but the organization’s test does not pass yet, and it is a question of whether this will happen: Huawei will only link its tests to the best models.

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