It will only be for the rich. Samsung is preparing an interesting novelty

Speculation about the successor to the flexible Galaxy Fold is escalating. A mobile phone, which we will see quite a bit officially at home, the bag should be important only for really rich users.

Although it looks like flexible phones might become more affordable, speculation about the success of the Fold model suggests that the two will be quite a bit cheaper, or even full of the same tracks as the current model. It is currently sold for a very high 58 thousand crowns.

It will sell on the US market for the price of $ 1,980 (about 50 thousand crowns) and according to it, its successor should keep the same price, or reduce it and to $ 1,780 (about 44.5 thousand crowns). When we look at the price for imports and tax, we can be sure that Fold 2 on the Czech market will probably not fall below 50 thousand crowns. The koruna’s exchange rate is unlikely to change much at the same time.

Although it is believed that the new generation of flexible models could dream of costs, especially due to the fact that manufacturers have mastered the production of flexible displays, it is necessary to keep in mind that new screens will have better quality (speculated on 120Hz refresh rate), ring instead of carrying a display, the phone will have an integrated S Pen and the camera will also be improved.

According to him, Samsung should replace the composition of the rear cameras. We should get a 12MPix main sensor, a 16MPix wide-angle camera and a 64MPix sensor with optical zoom. So far, nothing is known about the internal selfie camera in the changed display ring or the front camera in the closed state.

Fold 2 will be discussed during the summer, probably in connection with the announcement of the Note 20 series models.

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