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The famous agent 007 James Bond owns me for the first time in the history of a mobile phone supplier. In a new bond called Nen as zemt, the agent zero zero seven will use Nokia smartphone characters for the first time.

Nokia phones occupied and put roles in the film. The emblem thus replaces the existing Sony supplier, and the roots of this partnership date back to Ericsson. However, the new partnership between Franz Bond and Nokia is a bit unlucky in this respect: the delays met both the premiere of the Bond smartphone and the film itself.

HMD Global was to present the new smartphones at the MWC trade fair in Barcelona, ​​only the trade fair was canceled due to the threat of coronavirus. The premiere of the Bond film Nen as zemt was also postponed, for the same reason. Instead of the original performance of the premiere on April 2, the viewers will see the 25th film with Agent Bond for the first time and on November 12. Both are dates of the British premiere, and viewers in cinemas around the world will have to go less than two weeks (until November 25) to repent.

Nokia can’t wait that long with the premiere of its new products, so Agent 007 will promote a slightly old-fashioned model during the premiere of the film, and fully, the new Nokia will go on sale roughly at the same time as the term premiere of the film. HMD Global will present the news at its own event on the 19th of March in London. The expected Bond novelty should be Nokia 8.2 (or 8.3) with at least three cameras, Snapdragon 765 and support for 5G st. In addition, the company introduced models (talking about the renewed music series XpressMusic, type 1.3, 5.3 and Nokia 400).

The upcoming Nokia smartphone can be easily missed in one of the trailers for the new bond, where Daniel Craig’s phone is near my ear and the device disappears from the canvas by moving his hand down. Otherwise, we won’t learn much about it, the phone is very similar to the Nokia 7.2 type, only it looks a bit like that. By the way, Nokia 7.2 is featured in various promotional photos that HMD Global has announced to announce the partnership, and will appear in the first bond ads for Nokia phones.

The main star of the 90-second clip, which was scheduled to premiere on the 8th of October, will be the representative of agent Nomi Lashana Lynch. Even in this clip, the Nokia device, which has not yet been introduced, can be missed, according to various speculations, most likely type 5.3. My first phone was the Nokia 3210 at all. I was about ten years old, and when it was too dark, it was ninety years old for my smartphone. The ability to change the covers and the snake’s snake was absolutely bo! declared a partnership with Lashana Lynch.

Mobiles for Bond

HMD Global then announced that in addition to the new phone, the Nokia 7.210 and the legendary Nokia 3310 will appear in the film itself. The question is what the campaign will look like for Agent Bond’s 5G phone itself, as it will go far to the premiere of the film.

Technical plays have always been one of the main elements of the film with an intrepid secret agent, so it’s no wonder that Franza was the first to attract mobile phone manufacturers in terms of partnerships. The then giant Ericsson, the giant Ericsson, acquired the bag for himself in 1997, when his special type JB988 never appeared in the film Ztek never died. The scene where the help of this communicator is controlled by Pierce Brosnan of the new BMW 750i is one of the legends.

As Ericsson’s mobile division was later merged with Sony’s mobile division, Bond’s next phone was Sony Ericsson. The T68i and P800 models played a role in the film Don’t Die Today. Similarly, the 2006 Casino Royale features two models: the K800i and the M600i smartphone. In Quantum of Solace, Bond used a Sony Ericsson C902 photomobile and then came up with an Xperia smartphone.

This was especially the case after the break-up of the partnership between Ericsson and Sony, when the production of mobile phones was under Japanese company. In the dark Bondfall Skyfall, Daniel Craig tm Sony Xperia T, in the film Specter she played the Xperia Z5. This year, the Nokia phone will come in Bondovka for the first time. Let’s see if it won’t be just a short episode, like when Agent Bond temporarily exchanged British Aston Martin sports cars for BMW.

Slavn partnerstv

Of course, the Nokia character itself is not a novelty in the world of film, on the contrary, its phones have found themselves in many famous scenes throughout history. Probably the most famous product placement Nokia phone in the history of the film is the use of the 8110 model in the film Matrix. In it, she had modified the 8110 lining mechanism, which she subsequently received, and the series 7110, which actually from the mentioned old sisters in the film til in practice more than 8110 itself.

Very famous is the unofficial premiere of the then anticipated Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (nicknamed Tube) in the film Dark Engraving from 2008. In this film about the legendary protégé Batman, Nokia phones were full of 5800 ml privilege to use the first Bruce Wayne.

Other well-known Nokia phones in the films include the use of the Nokia N8 in the film Tron: Legacy (2010), or a bit of a product-placement of the Lumia 925 type in the Mu steel supermond (2013). To make it clear that this is a Windows Phone from Nokia, the device received an above-standard large (and somewhat shapeless) Nokia logo in the collection above the display. For a change, the Lumia 930 flashed in Mission: Impossible Nrod Grzl (2015).

At a time when the mobile division belonged to Microsoft, the product of placement was really a lot, Lumia phones appeared, for example, in series (Arrow, House of Cards). For Nokia’s Android smartphones from HMD Global, however, the partnership with the production of a film about Agent Bond is probably a significant premiere, not to mention other big points in this regard.

It’s quite spicy that the former character of Sony’s Sony phones recently clashed with Nokia (HMD Global) in a slightly different field. Sony has entered into a partnership with the optics specialist Zeiss (all in the Exclusive Nokia con line), with which Nokia has so far had an exclusive partnership. HMD Global has been shaking this small marketing portion for its Japanese rival for years.

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