Konen nov iPhone SE. The price is great for Apple, the equipment is very good

Apple has introduced the long-awaited new iPhone SE, which, like its predecessor of the same name, only uses two known hardware and two undercarriages of power and a little more. It will be the cheapest iPhone on the market.

About a day, the manufacturer cannot afford such recycling as Apple with the new SE model. Get out of the iPhone 8, literally. And for your performance and a few little pastes it’s basically a toton smartphone. This is a direct follow-up to the previous model of the same name from 2016. This can be confusing as it looks, Apple does not differentiate the novelty in any way, not even with the announcement of this year.

It was also introduced to Apple untraditionally in the spring, and not in the usual winter. And the similarities go on, the original iPhone SE came straight from the old iPhone 5s and got a powerful processor. The same salary for the novelty of the same name. It’s my performance, otherwise it’s the iPhone 8 from 2017.

Inside the bag, make both wall models different. The main difference is the use of a new proprietary A13 Bionic processor, which uses many top models, including the top iPhone 11 Pro. So there will be not enough power in an otherwise simple smartphone. Information about the memory capacity is not yet known, because Apple does not publish it. Original iPhone 8 ml A11 Bionic processor and 2 GB operan memory. The Plus version is then increased to 3 GB. iPhone SE kind of generation will exist only in one size, t basic.

In addition to the changed new processor, which is one of the most powerful and currently available, the new equipment is identical to the iPhone 8. The display and cameras are the same in the rest. So and on the newly added support of wifi 6 and the possibility to use a kind of electronic eSIM.

Apple recycling

There is nothing new compared to the iPhone 8. Even the capacities of loit are identical to eight. The new iPhone SE will have a memory of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. Apple did not offer the highest variant of the pre-shipped model 8 from losk, and now logically there are no characters in the menu.

The dimensions and design are exactly the same as the iPhone 8. In 2020, Apple introduced a novelty, which with its design directly follows the iPhone 6, because it was the first to bring the new design at the time. And it’s a very star design, because the iPhone 6 went on sale in 2014. It’s undoubtedly a smart phone leak in longevity. There is no lack of a sensor fingerprint under the display, unlocking with the support is not supported.

Opt is to use a clay strap and whether they are glass. The change is made in color. New m always black. Otherwise it will be offered in bl, ern and erven colors. The iPhone 8 has now been offered in ed, silver, gold and even red.

The original iPhone 8 in silver color is practically flat. According to the official snmk bag, the novelty will be white. The red version is the PRODUCT RED series, originally intended for a charity grant to fight HIV / AIDS. The new bag will be included in the price and in the global fund for combating covid-19.

Same prices as before

Apple has set the same price on the new iPhone SE as on the original model from 2016. The basic variant will cost another $ 399. That’s about 10,000 crowns, but without taxes, because American prices are always stated without the local sales tax. Reln in the US, the phone costs about $ 440.

The Czech prices are set at 12,990 K, which is the same price as the first generation SE in 2016. The new iPhone SE is the sovereign cheapest model of the character, the second cheapest model of the iPhone Xr, which was introduced last year, will be at least 17,990 K, The current iPhone 11 model is 20,990 K.

There will be memory variants of the new SE in the menu. In addition to storage with 64 GB of memory, these are variants with 128 and 256 GB of memory. Their Czech prices are 14,490 and 17,490 K. These are no extras, not how much was paid for the first memory version of the first generation of the SE model in 2016. At that time it was 16,990 K for the variant with 64 GB of memory, the basic model was 16 GB memory.

The presale sale in the Czech Republic is the same as in the USA, ie on the 17th of April from 2 pm. Distribution of customers and counter sales will begin a week later, on Friday, April 24.

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