Microsoft has shown how it will work with its smartphone. It’s coming this year

Microsoft is preparing a new smartphone with Android. This in itself is very interesting, in addition, the Surface Duo model will have two displays and remotely change the sweat into your pocket.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will mark the return of Microsoft to the mobile business. He left Microsoft when his own Windows Phone system completely collapsed, and even after Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division, it also had a very strong character. The new feature will not rely on your own system and will run on Android.

The concept of the phone is special for a while. Competition in the sale of phones with a flexible display and can be prepared. The Microsoft Surface Duo will have such a decomposing concept, but without a flexible display. Also for each half, there will be one 5.7 inch large panel with special resolution, 1,350 x 1,800 pixels, together they will create a 8.3 inch flap. A gap will be visible between the panels of the bag.

Even the hardware will not be fully up-to-date, according to the latest, the phone should first be launched on the market two in the originally announced term before the end of this year, although it will be powered by Snapdragon 855, not its successor 865.

But that’s probably not the point, it depends on how Microsoft imagines working with the phone. His concept certainly wants to be fully exploited and he is obviously working intensively on it. Now, on his development blog, he showed tools for creating media and insights on what it might look like in practice.


And the views look interesting. It seems that Microsoft wants to maximize the coincidence of the two displays and turn the Surface Duo into such a pocket version of a modern laptop. Today, it is so common for them to have two displays, one replacing the classic keyboard.

From the point of view, the possibilities of working with applications are obvious. Either they will occupy only one display and the other will be a classic telephone environment, or use both displays and then it will be easy to use the functions of the application. It will be used for both men and women, which is quite close to a laptop.

And at first glance, the Surface Duo looks strange, and from a bottom-up view, there have been some old-fashioned attempts here, and it has always been a failure, so solid software can easily improve the concept. In addition, Microsoft relies primarily on software, so it does not have to be about its hardware, but about trying to assert its software against the competition. And the Surface Duo is just a technology demonstrator.

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