Nechtn premiere. Honoru escaped a new model on a bottle of Sprit

This is due to the current situation with coronavirus epidemics, which may be due to poor compliance. In any case, the new Honor 30S was able to unintentionally premiere on a bottle of lemonade.

Honor probably fulfilled the advertising campaign of the new model on the label label Sprite in the German market. Only the bottles thus put up for sale got two, not the manufacturer stailed to introduce the phone. It could have been a mistake or an accident. Or simply Honor, in view of the current situation, had to postpone the premiere and stop the campaign to label the lemonade.

In any case, we know that the manufacturer will probably introduce the phone very soon. And we can roughly see what it will look like. So at least what will the rear st. What was subsequently confirmed and escaped renders. This is not a big surprise, the phone is very similar to the View 30 / Pro model (the external phone is marked V30). It was introduced in November, in the European premier recently in Barcelona.

At first glance, the shapes at the back have exactly the same area with the lenses, but during a more detailed examination, one of the sensors can be seen driving under the flash. It will serve the purpose, it is not clear at this moment and from the available pictures it cannot be deduced. But it will probably be a ToF sensor for depth of field.

It is important that the phone has three lenses, ie probably a wide angle lens, mainly a telephoto lens. Related Honor View 30 Pro has the same set of 12MPix wide angle lens, 40MPix main and 8MPix telephoto lens with triple optical zoom. With this set, the phone earned a well-rated rating from DxO Mark, but it is very likely that the new Honor 30S will have slightly different parameters.

The phone will probably be on sale in two color variants, ie at least two in the first place. One is a pearl with subtle color gradients, the other is a sharp and hilarious orange. The View 30 model also showed unusual colors in this eclipse and the lb. But the detail of the gradient will probably be a bit different for the novelty, at least the pictures indicate it.

The complete equipment is not known yet, but this is important. The Kirin 820 with 5G support will take care of the drive, which will be a competitive advantage in many markets, in the Czech Republic it is still irrelevant. Customers value 40W fast. This means that the fingerprint sensor will be on the side in the cut-out pressure.

At this point, of course, it is not clear whether the phone will be sold in Europe and therefore in the Czech Republic. It is quite likely that the mother Huawei will sell new models in Europe, although as well as new fees will not have Google services. This, of course, affects sales, but the company wants to gradually convince customers that you can do without them. It will definitely not be easy for you. The price of the novelty should be around 10,000 crowns, which would normally be a great price for a phone equipped in this way.

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