Nokia m dal retro mobil. Do you remember the musical 5310?

Instead of the canceled Mobile World Congress, HMD Global presented new Nokia phones in the form of streaming press releases on Thursday, the 19th of March. The news is three, at least two of them are connected with a new film about agent 007 and one returns to the darkness of the retro model, this year it was on the music line.

Finland’s HMD Global, which sells Nokia-branded mobile phones, has introduced a total of three innovations that cover a portfolio from the most common and advanced devices. The new Nokia 8.3 will certainly attract the most attention, its move was announced after the connection of Nokia characters with the new film Nen and zemt from the series about Her Majesty’s agent James Bond (for more see James Bond on my mobile phone. Agent 007 will not use Sony) .

Nokia 8.3 was supposed to prove its fame in the film soon, but the premiere was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, and the huge advertising campaign that HMD Global fulfilled in this connection will probably have to repay a bit.

However, news characters are starting to sell her soon, some of them will introduce her in the process, others a little later. This is also the case with the Nokia 8.3 model, which can be launched in lt.

The only feature of this novelty can be the support of the st pt generation. Nokia 8.3 is one of the first smartphones ever to have 5G, so far it has been a set of high-end models. Type 8.3 is a step lower than what the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 ip set suggests. HMD Global boasts that it will be a truly full-fledged 5G phone that will be ready for the future and the user will not become obsolete in a flight.

Skuten univerzln 5G

The reason is quite simple. Nokia 8.3 is supposed to be the first smartphone with 5G support, which hardware supports all the actual fulfillment of fonts and the possibility to use the new standard. All existing 5G smartphones use only some specific fonts, which can work only in some markets, or only in a certain coverage. Such phones may require you to roam in the future.

Nokia 8.3 should not encounter such a thing, and thanks to the update of a certain Android operating system to a new version for at least two years (as is traditional with Nokia), it should really be usable for the flight. At first glance, it doesn’t sound like anything important, but many customers who buy 5G smartphones will soon be disappointed with their usability. And it is certain that Nokia 8.3 is taking an interesting lead. The only thing about this innovation in terms of 5G bugs is the support of the mmWave psma, which is a bag for you to drive the music of the distant future in Europe.

Otherwise, the Nokia 8.3 is equipped with a smartphone, which will definitely not be cheap. This philosophy reminds us, for example, of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and 10 Pro, premium models only ever before, in which Xiaomi tried it with a confident price. The price of nokia set at 599 euros (before the coronavirus crisis about 15,000 crowns, now about 16,300 crowns) is justified by the first presence of the universal 5G.

Nokia 8.3 5G

In ppadNokie 8.3, HMD Global boasts a photo camera. There are three images: mainly with a resolution of 64 MPix (f / 1.89) and a wide angle with 12 MPix (f / 2.2), in addition there are two-megapixel macro images and images for obtaining depth of field data with the same resolution. Honestly, this is nothing world-class, they have a similar set in the competition and much cheaper pieces, but it is mainly about how the fok managed to fine-tune the good to be really me. In addition, Nokia promises great video recording features, either in 4K or HDR mode. Ideln pro video m bt irokohl fok. There will also be special filters on offer, which are well known for delivering the effects common to professional cameras.

So Fok had the potential, but some of the elements of the equipment are a bit disappointing: the display has a depth of 6.81 inches and a tiny ring, but it’s an IPS panel, also the current print is on the side in the shut-off pressure. Zkladem m bt
6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, which is a bit overloaded for a given price, but I have a variant with 8 and 128 GB. There is at least a memory card slot and your battery has a solid capacity of 4,500 mAh. Only wireless errors have been added and it works only quickly with a maximum power of 18 W.

Available idel

The second introduced novelty is the 5.3 model, which is much more amicable for a truly wide-ranging user. The bag can cost 189 euros, ie about five thousand crowns. For this plug, the user will receive a 6.55-inch drip-on display, a Snapdragon 665 processor and 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, an overall elegant design modeled on the expensive Type 8.3 (only in plastic composites instead of aluminum frame) and a solid focus.

He has three meshes of the same confusion: classic, wide angle, macro and bokeh. There are 13, 5, 2 and 2 megapixels. According to there is a modern USB-C connector, a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh and a fingerprint on the back. The cornerstone of the display is the 720 x 1,600 pixel display, which can be slightly scratched on a given range. Otherwise, the Nokia 5.3 looks quite competitive. It should hit the market during April.

Nokia 5.3

The new new smartphone is the Nokia 1.3 with Android 10 Go Edition. The phone has LTE support, a 5.71 ″ display with a resolution of 720 x 1,520 pixels (here in the horseshoe) and one 8-megapixel camera, which with a bag of AI features about a little away from pixels from Google and the Google Go Camera application should be able to handle you bokeh effect and put advanced features. Pr should not be in the phone just to sweat. The price is set at 95 euros (approximately 2.5 thousand crowns) and the sale can start at the end of April. It will probably not be in the Czech Republic, the cheapest Nokia smartphones are sold only sporadically with us, other markets have priority.

Musical return

The latest new product is the Nokia 5310. This model is part of the retro phone edition, which claims to be inspired by some XpressMusic music models. Just to be honest, this is not exactly the return that Nokia characters would expect. The Nokia 5310 is likely to remain in the wall of the retro model 3310 and 8110 4G, which had legendary footprints.

In contrast, the Nokia 5310 is an ordinary piece: I really only have basic equipment with its own Series30 system, FM radio (a memory card will be required for MP3, the internal memory is only 16 MB), VGA focus and Bluetooth support. It’s practically in. Nokia will sell this novelty for 39 euros, ie a little over a thousand crowns. And that’s what it usually does.

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