Sales of mobile phones fell by more than one aunt, said the Czech branch of Samsung

In the current state of crisis with a lot of restrictions, according to Samsung’s Czech representation, sales of mobile phones fell by more than a hundred. Customers reach for cheap smartphones. Represented by Korean characters, the bag has recently been observed to revive the market and thanks to the external activities of e-shops and electronics retailers.

In some weeks after the introduction of current restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, sales of mobile phones in the Czech Republic fell by more than 40%. At least such data was revealed by Samsung representatives to the Samsung characters. As the company’s representatives have specified, this is a tax on the entire market. Given that Samsung has long been the market leader in the US, the decline in both the market and the market will be correlated.

Overall, the market fell by a little more than aunt. In recent weeks, we have seen an upward trend, the positive thing is that the operator market did not stop surprisingly and our business partners also found their way to customers, Tom Balk, director of the mobile electronics division of Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak. According to him, a lot of help, for example, sales with the possibility of personal collection, which introduced some chains with electronics and nrst online sales can mitigate the effects of the closure of ordinary stone shops.

According to Balko, customers are price sensitive and have begun to prefer affordable models. Thanks to our portfolio, we also have a lot to offer customers in these segments, adds Balk. In Czech, however, the situation was complicated by the weakening of the koruna against the euro, which pushed Samsung (and gave signs) to health. Even so, Balk is optimistic. The question is whether the decline of a dozen percent can be considered optimistic, but it could easily have been no more than fifty percent, so we can see it from the better side, to the Balkans.

The director of the Czech branch of Samsung’s mobile division will show that the crisis can lead to a healthy and clean market. Samsung is getting strong enough to keep the current state of care without dramatic sweat (especially when another division has to sell TV in crisis), for some competitors the situation will be more difficult and Samsung will certainly have a chance to take a bite out of their market.

Losk mimodn spch pro Samsung

The current dramatic decline in sales is understandable in sharp contrast to last year. This was an extraordinary task for Samsung in the Czech Republic. Samsung has sold a record 900,000 smartphones. The spikes of the Galaxy S10 series were very good, their sales increased by a dramatic 33% compared to the demand for S9 models. Most of these models in the series customers bought a compact type S10e, followed by S10 +. esk represented for a while also interested in flexible models, especially the Galaxy Fold, to which the Galaxy Z Flip was added this year.

On Wednesday, the biggest interest was in the Galaxy A40 and A50 models. Of the Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab S5e and Galaxy Tab A 10.1 models were the best. Samsung has sold 93,000 wearable electronics in the Czech Republic. The best was the Galaxy Fit e bracelet, with the Galaxy Watch 46mm and Galaxy Watch Active2 models among the smart watches. Samsung also praises the sales of Galaxy Buds wireless headphones.

Despite the currently complicated situation, Samsung still has high ambitions in the Czech Republic. A number of innovations with which the Korean character does not live even in the current state can help to fulfill them. The affordable Galaxy M21 with both batteries (6,000 mAh) is entering the market for the first time. The latest Samsung Galaxy A41 and the first Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet are among the latest innovations on the market. Samsung thus introduced the 5G models A51 5G and A71 5G, and their sale in the Czech Republic has not yet been decided, according to the company’s representatives.

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