Samsung took a good look at the tracks on Wednesday’s tracks, shows the test

The model, now the Galaxy A71, belongs to Samsung’s dram machines, and the bag also has a function close to the top model. The camera also wants to have such ambitions, but as the result of the DxO Mark test shows, it seems that the tuning of Samsung seemed a bit slow.

In the DxO Mark test, smartphones are more likely to appear more often, and it turns out that they still do not have models at the forefront. Sometimes the loss of the bag can be quite sunny to erase, which is something that the user would expect even with the most equipped Samsung Galaxy A series, ie the best types of medium at the moment.

Only youA71, which was introduced at the end of last year and in the Czech Republic, is offered as standard for less than 13,000 crowns (now in action for attractive
10,000), this result is not completely fulfilled. In the DxO Mark test, the Galaxy A71 scored 84 points, which is nothing that Samsung could brag about, even if it is not a shame. It just turns out that even expensive models at the moment simply do not put the manufacturer on a well-tuned camera even as expensive as the top models.

At the same time, the Galaxy A71 enters the fight with exactly three cameras: the main focus is 64 megapixels, a wide range of twelve, two chips are five megapixels, one is used to capture macro shots and the other to collect data on the depth of field. With this set, the Samsung Galaxy A71 does not stand out even among its peers on Wednesday.

A point higher in the overall score is cheaper and a slightly old type A50, its 85 point is the result of a better score when shooting video. A50 received 88 points for photography and 79 points for video, while the new A71 received 89 points for photography and 74 points for video. The small difference in photography shows that the amount of megapixels is far from over, the A50 type can withstand 25Mpxip and still have the same quality according to the test.

As for the competition, the A71 is close to Nokia 7.2 (85 points) or Motorola One Zoom (87 points). On the other hand, Asus Zenfone 6 (104 points), Xiaomi Mi9T Pro (102 points) and Google Pixel 3a (101 points) show you that it is similar to price levels and a much better (even with a much smaller image).

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge m in the rated DxO Mark has a score of 89 points and the whole famous typhoid set, so with a single twelve-megapixel frame and software from 2016. And that’s a bit of a joke.

And where is the Galaxy A71 ztrc? When we compare you with the A50 peer, it can be seen that the tragic is the main thorn (would the Achilles heel of modern samsung?) And the loss of nonch pictures is also noticeable. Even today, the historic Galaxy S7 Edge still adheres a lot and is still a bit surprising over the A71 when zooming. Both models have only digital, but the A71 has a large amount of megapixels, but it is not possible. The other areas are quite balanced.

What separates the Galaxy A71 from the top, it compares the score to the top model Galaxy S10 +. In exposure, colors, text, art and wide-angle photography, the A71 is a balanced rival, but it dramatically loses it with changing thorns, artifacts, at night, when zooming and with the bokeh effect.

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