Samsung was the main pain of the S20 model. Download the update

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series smartphones have received a significant update. This, especially because of the shortcomings of the camera, would not be complete. According to our first experience of updating the pins in the S20 Ultra model, there are actually positive changes, some specifics of which the bag remains and the day of the update is unnecessary.

In Czech, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series smartphones gradually began to receive a new system update, which is significantly improved by the camera software. At first, customers were able to purchase devices purchased from Vodafone, and from the 24th onwards, an update is also available for other machines purchased from other operators and on the open market.

We tested the update on the peak type S20 Ultra 5G, which was probably the most noticeable shortcomings of the camera, while customers were most impressive from its focus. The update is slightly larger than 368 megabytes and the phone software is updated to version G988BXXU1ATCH. Similarly, the S20 and S20 + types get the version that bears the FXXU1ATCH designation behind the model. It is possible that in the first few days you will need to invoke the update in the settings under Software update Download and install.

Although Samsung promises various stability fixes and enhancements to some features in the list of changes, a major addition to the update is the expected improvements to the camera, especially the breeding wall. Due to the dramatic changes in the breeding facility, after the update, we have not yet noticed what the camera does, we must acknowledge that progress is noticeable here.

Samsung has very sharply improved the breeding lining of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, when the previous phone hunted for sharp points and, especially at close distances, had great difficulty falling behind. As we have tried in comparison with the starm type Galaxy S10, the lining works for a while and is roughly the same as for the old model with a hardware and low focus.

This has speeded up the storage of images taken at a resolution of 108 megapixels below, which cannot be cut one after the other, but the delay is less than two seconds, which is quite tolerable and it is currently the best performance on the market when storing such large images.

On the other hand, the update, which fixed a fundamental shortcoming of the camera, also shows that some of the shortcomings of the S20 Ultra are easily inherent and the user will have to learn with them. This is mainly a macro shot and various details. When the autofin works for a long time, detail and macro prove to be a problem for the S20 Ultra.

Physically, the main focus can focus on a distance of at least 8 to 10 centimeters, while the S10 models make it between two and three. In addition, this camera has a variable aperture that would help the depth of field in good light. At short distances, the sharpness is always only in the middle of the image, and overall the depth of field is very small: this is the bottom using a large ip and optics with an F 1.8 aperture. Not to mention zoom optics, the one for changing the focus from about a meter. If you want a good shot of detail, you probably do best when you take a photo from a distance of about 15 to 20 centimeters to a full resolution of 108 megapixels and create a car.

While the basic distance between the bottom of the software doesn’t fix it, it’s a hardware feature that Samsung could sell out with a zoom control that’s unintuitive and rather annoying. To do this, the S20 models will have to wait for the next update, which will keep the current control in mind.

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