Small, efficient and recycled. It’s just Apple

The new iPhone SE is unique in many ways. This is really a Special Edition, what the name SE means. It’s small, ultra-cheap, and cheap to Apple. In addition, it is based on a six-year-old model.

Apple once introduced a unique strategy among manufacturers, new mobile phones are introduced only once a year. Samsung has premieres and ten during the year, of which the top models show at least twice a year. For the first half of the year and for the second. He gave the manufacturer the latest news all year round.

Apple made an exception to its strategy in 2016, when it introduced the SE model in the spring. And it happened to you again. Opt there is a spring extra premiere and again it is due to the SE model. And like the first generation, this species also writes a few escapes. In the case of a smartphone, this is a unique poin that no other manufacturer can afford.

New design? Not two

Zat meme design. The look of the novelty is a colorful toton with an extreme iPhone 6. It was introduced six years ago. For example, a similar archaicksamsung would probably not be a big hurry. This kind of generation of iPhone SE is in big sales.

The new iPhone SE thus has extreme lines around the display for a while, which even the cheapest smartphones do not have. There is also a fingerprint placed on the surface under the display. Either the competition has grown on whether or not it fits on display. On the one hand, the extreme, on the other hand, a good proof of the timelessness of Apple’s design.

Almost no competition

The retro design of the iPhone SE gives me one big deal. In the age of large and jet vtch display is a very compact phone, as there are not many on the market. And when we add to this the large amount of current hardware, the new iPhone SE is essentially unrivaled.

Although the basic equipment remained and the same details as the iPhone 8 model (see more and revealed what Apple did not want to publish about the new iPhone SE), which is a three-year-old phone, just like the original SE model, Apple added to the news even from the current models of the series, which is one of the absolute most powerful on the market. This is again an exclusive Apple specialty, the competition of tracks and cheap models clearly different wind processor.

Drah and pesto cheap

The iPhone SE is about noise. When a fan of an Android smartphone and, in addition, a preference for Czech brands, thinks about it, he just doesn’t shake his head. On the other hand, those who love Apple and want a cheap iPhone will praise the news.

He preferred the price. Not low, but very favorable for Apple. Within Apple’s portfolio, CZK 12,990 for the basic version of the iPhone SE is a great offer. He gave the cheapest currently offered iPhone XR, its price is 17,990 korunch, which is much more than compared to the new SE.

The XR model can be generated by the old A12 Bionic processor and does not even have a large internal memory as the highest variant of the SE model. On the other hand, it has a modern large display and unlocks with the help of a scan. The price difference of 5,000 crowns is a big bag.

And first of all, Apple on the star phones unfair

What sets Apple apart from the competition is customer support. Apple has traditionally released updates and the latest software even for fairly old models, so the current iOS 13 got you an iPhone 6S from 2015.

This is also a reason for many customers to share the expensive and at first glance attractive iPhone, not any competition with Android. We can assume that the new iPhone SE will have the current version of iOS in five years.

Apple itself is less expensive, on the contrary, its strategy is to offer tracks and premium products. Both SE models are a departure from this strategy, but especially this year, the novelty could pay off for Apple. The phone comes at a time of emerging global economic crisis, when the price will look at many more customers than usual. Apple certainly didn’t do it that way, it suited him. But a cheap model until the bottom of time.

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