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The new iPhone SE started selling today. If you haven’t pre-ordered your phone, you can stay on it for at least a week. This is especially true for the basic variant with the most favorable price.

The pre-sale of the new iPhone SE began on April 17, and the sale a week later on April 24. And at noon in Czech stores it was practically impossible to buy a basic variant with 64 GB of memory. Exceptionally, the highest versions with 256 GB of memory were available, but they are a very expensive and not a basic variant.

According to our research, traders were not able to serve all the recipients from the pre-sale, who ordered, and in recent days, they have been in trouble. On the afternoon, the phones were in stock at only opertoi, availability at their stores is limited and the e-shop takes about three days to arrive. Even so, it is still the fastest opportunity to get to the news.

Other traders say they should have the phones from April 30, some in stock and in May. The e-shop itself offers Apple iPhone SE, but it promises delivery and in the period from 5 to 13 May. And since other models can be delivered by those days, the stock is probably so up-to-date.

The delivery of the phone was obviously lower, not as the initial interest of the customers. What is the usual tactic for Apple, to go to all the news has long been long queues.

Availability is problematic due to the current situation, electronics stores are closed, only the online order of goods works. Objdt stores therefore have no price, with the exception of the store operator. But even you work in a limited mode, often with a shortened opening time.

The iPhone SE is a comprehensive model of the characters that Apple introduced on April 15. It is a kind of model of the same name, the first one was introduced in 2016. It is marked with the same phone on both phones, so to speak. The new iPhone SE is based on the age-old iPhone 8, and thus differs visually and functionally from the current character models. But they have the same processor, they also have not enough power.

The advantage of the phone is a suitable price, the basic version costs 12,990 K. This is in absolute comparison with the competition a lot, but at Apple it is a very suitable price. It costs 5 thousand crowns less for the Xr model and 8 thousand crowns less for the cheapest version of the current iPhone 11.

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