Spork with those lines. Dodge the likes of the iPhone 12 Pro photo app

It is a long way to go to the introduction of new premium iPhones, but their appearance will be clearer. The new information suggests that there will be three sensors on the walls of the new iPhones.

While last year, people laughed at three cameras on the walls of the iPhone 11 Pro, this year they will probably have to get used to the two. The set from loska will remain the same, the so-called LiDAR sensor will be used, which we could see with the latest model of the iPad Pro tablet. It is used for mapping the space for applications working with born reality (AR), but it can also be helpful when shooting portrait images, where it is possible to evaluate the separation of the photographed object from the surroundings and the depth of field.

The assembly of these sensors should be present on both iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. Let us remind you that the remaining three will consist of a basic sensor, a telephoto sensor and a wide camera. For the telephony sensor, it is not yet clear whether it will offer double optical zoom or whether Apple will move after the values, as other manufacturers do. However, there is speculation that the sensors should be in this year, which will have a positive effect on the quality of posed photographs and possible sensitivity to light.

The remaining elements in the camera module also shifted according to the following: the LED diode is now in the middle of the square module, the microphone then moved to the bottom. We still do not know whether, due to the new elements, the module will be larger, or if it will have risen more above the surface of the back, but hopefully not in any way.

According to the information base, the Phonearena.com server provided renders of the overall appearance of the new iPhones. If there is a message left on the display, it should change. We can’t go without the USB-C port, which Apple wants to completely pass in favor of the ptho (2021) model, which should work completely wirelessly and get rid of the physical ports for good.

This will support the generation of the generation. Apple will not spill 5G and 4G models and the shortcut will set 5G as standard. The iPhone 12 Pro should have a 6.1-inch screen, and the iPhone 12 Max should have a 6.7-inch screen. We will probably see the news in sales later, it is not usual, their production is probably a pandemic. Start of sales is currently estimated at yen and November.

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