The cheapest Huawei P40 will cost 4,500 crowns. The price also includes a smart bracelet

Huawei will start pre-selling two cheap variants of the top P40 model on the Czech market in the coming days. It’s called Lite and Lite E. The price is very low, in advance the manufacturer sells a smart bracelet for both models.

Huawei will launch the world’s best P40 series models. For now, only those who just parasitize on the famous name of the top model, ie significantly lighter Lite models. But that’s how the manufacturer took a long time and it probably works for him.

The main stars of the P40 series are introduced and finished at the end. The event should take place in Pai, but given the current coronavirus situation, it is quite likely that it will eventually take place elsewhere.

The development in the form of the P40 Lite model and its economical variant of the P40 Lite E will be sold twice at that time. In the next few days (March 18) there will be a pre-sale in the Czech Republic, which will be interesting in that customers will receive a smart bracelet for both models. For cheaper it will be Huawei Band 4 at a price of 1,000 crowns, the dra model will be distributed with a Band 4 Pro bracelet, which costs 1,900 crowns. What is the phone price quite a rich bonus.

The cheapest model P40 Lite will be 4 499 K, the luxurious P40 Lite will cost 6 499 K. The equipment of both models is very sunny with regard to the price, the design is so good, the only mistake is the absence of Google services. This means that customers can download applications from Huaweie’s own AppGallery, but they will not find popular applications such as YouTube, Facebook and some others.

First we test how to get acquainted with tm dt, with the result vs soon. Undoubtedly, this is limited and either Huawei will pass the order that it can work, or it will be seen and the US administration itself will abolish the embargo on Huawei in this direction.

The hardware itself is good. Both models have a frameless front concept with a display ring in the upper left corner of the panel. the panel flap is essentially the same for both, 6.49 inches, Lite 6.4 inches. If there is a difference between HD + and the FHD + display. With regard to the price, it is not surprising that none of the phones have a fingerprint in the display. The cheaper Lite E has it at the back, the Lite model on the side in the switch-off pressure.

At the back there is a cheaper model of triple focus, three lenses. Huawei P40 Lite E m assembly: 48/8/2 Mpix, type model 48/8/2/2 Mpix. The difference is in the macro lens of the P40 Lite model. Otherwise, the paper values ​​are the same, if this is really the case, let’s try in the test. Let’s add that in addition to the main camera with large resolution and f / 1.8 aperture, both models have an eight-megapixel wide-angle lens at the rear and a ToF depth-of-field sensor. At the front, both estnctimegov fok with a brightness of f / 2.0.

He found the differences inside the phone. The model moves the Kirin 810 processor and is supplemented by 6 GB of operan and 128 GB of user memory. The cheap P40 Lite E can’t have a Kirin 710 processor with 4 GB of operation and 64 GB of user memory. In the first case, the energy is supplied with a capacity of 4,200 mAh with the support of a fast 40W charge, in the second it is less with a capacity of 4,000 mAh.

The price difference between the two models thus reflects the difference in hardware. But even the basic P40 Lite E is a poorly equipped phone. Just a surprise, em devtkov Android, dra sibling ub on Android 10.

Huawei P40 Lite will be sold in the following color variants: black, green and eq. Today, they all have the traditional color gradient of the cover for the emblem, especially the green variant is interesting. The cheaper model is available in only two color versions: green-blue and black. And although the black is less noticeable, so it is quite interesting, because there are a small rainbow of color transitions. At least in the product photos it works.

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